10 Best Places to Visit with Kids in Antalya, Turkey


Antalya is one of the top most tour destinations of Turkey and has a lot many tourist attractions and fun activities to perform for kids and adult as well. Sightseeing, splashing water on beaches, water parks, amusement parks are some major places where you should definitely go to explore the grand city. Here are the ten Best Places to visit with kids in Antalya.

1 The Land of legends Theme Park

If you are with your kids in Antalya then this land of legends theme park is a must visit place if you want your children to get filled with adventure and excitement.  Thrilling rides, spectacular shows, amazing ambience and animal encounters are few of the major attractions of this place. This water kingdom is a place where your children would love to spend their maximum time splashing amidst the waters. This place is one of the best entertaining and fun-filled places where you can spend quality family time with your family members. This oceanic themed water park has a lot many water rides and other exquisite shows to keep you engaged for the whole day. If you are in Antalya then you need to spare out a whole day for visiting this park if you want to enjoy yourselves with your kids to the fullest.

2 Demre and Myra

If you want to let your kids to explore the unexplored then you can take them for a trip to explore the oldest and exclusive structure of the place Antalya. You can start your trip by visiting Myra which is a home to many ruins that governs this place and has its history related to the ancient era. You can get to see a vast variety of tombs, Roman theatre, rocky bluffs, that has been preserved for years and has their own tales to tell.  Demre is another place that you can relate to with history. The famous St. Nicholas church of this place dates back to the sixth century and is believed to be the burial place of the Bishop of Myra.

3 Kekova islands

Another place that you can include in your Antalya itinerary is the Kekova islands where you can take your children to relax and chill down after a day filled with historical studies and exploration. This island is also known as Caralova and is nearby Demre.’ plain of thyme’ is the actual meaning of the word Kekova and had suffered damages in the second century due to a earthquake that hit  this place. This island was rebuilt in the Byzantine period and now is a hub for water sports and other diving activities in Antalya. You can get to this place with your kids and enjoy seafood along the coasts. This place has a lot many restaurants where you can relax and satisfy your hunger after a daylong sunbath and diving activity. You can sit at one of the most exquisite cafes or restaurant and nibble your tasty food to have a sea facing view of the island.

4 Pamukkale

Pamukkale is one of the major tourist destinations of the city Antalya. This place dates back to days of Cleopatra and has a beautiful and historical significance. This place is no less than a beautiful beach where you can get to explore the limestone corals and thermal waters kissing your feet. A combination of natural wonder and culture is the speciality of this place and can be treated as a place that shows natural wonders. While touring to Pamukkale, you can witness a trail of beautiful Taurus Mountains on your ways passing the lake Salda.  So not just the beauty of this place, the route to this place is also enough to keep you mesmerized during your trip.

5 Antalya museums

If you want to impart some history lessons to your child then you can take your kids to Antalya Museum where you get to see a collection of structure and statues that dates back to the ancient history. Turkish history can be something that can come in front of your eyes if you pay a visit to this place. Ancient remains and other historical articles are the major attractions of this place which can keep you dazed while you explore the ancient things displayed in the museum. The findings and objects that were left back during the excavation that happened years back in turkey find a place in this museum. It displays the culture followed by the ancient Turks and the then fashion and trends that were followed by the people of that time. The divine statues are also a major source of attraction of this place.

6 Kursunlu waterfalls

Apart from the museums and historical places another different sightseeing spot can be the Kursunlu waterfall which is just another place that stands as a major tourist attraction. This place is enough to tempt your kids to get there and have some splash at the corners of the waterfall. These waterfalls are situated few kilometres away from central Antalya and are a perfect picnic spot for the localities of this place. You can take your kids along with you to this place for witnessing the spectacular view of the tempting and amazing waterfalls. Not just waterfall but the greenery is also a major source to give you a relaxing and soothing feel to your eyes. The clear waters, lush green plantations, ponds, etc are sources of attraction of this place.  The kingfishers inhabiting this place makes its scenic beauty increase more as this place becomes a perfect scenery which we must have surely imagined in our young days. The place also has caves at the backside of the waterfalls which delights the travellers and visitors touring this place.

7 Old Harbour

Antalya is home to a lot many tourist attraction and sightseeing places, and one amongst them is the Old Harbour which is a scenic place of the city. This place is a beauty of the city as it has a lot many bazaars, boutiques, cafes, yachts and other attractions that make the place look shimmering and displaying the beauty of the city. The atmosphere and environment of this place makes it a place worth to be visited. This is a hub of shop and trade, and you can stop at this spot to witness the sunset at the sea-side while sipping a hot cup of tea and coffee. The Mediterranean Sea is a place where you can have a great swimming session and some chilling out time at the harbour.

8 Hadrians gate

Hadrian’s gate commonly known as The Arch of Hadrian is a gateway that looks like a triumphal arch. This place also has historical relevance and is a place that was built to celebrate the then emperor Hadrian. This gateway is supposed to be founded by Theseus and Hadrian. This gateway is embossed with Pentelic marbles and resembles the building structures of Athens. This gate has a pathway which has a major role to play to separate the old town from the city. The scenic view at this place also displays the natural beauty of the city Antalya. This gateway is surrounded by parks which have park benches where you can relax a bit with your kids after a long stroll at this place. After a bit of relaxation, you can take your kids for a small shopping session nearby this Hadrian gates. Gifts, architecture, craft, clothes, almost everything you can buy by stopping at this place.

9 Antalya Marina

Antalya marina is another place where you can explore the crystal clear waters of the city and have some fun at the shores. This water attraction is about thirty kilometres away from the main city and is a peaceful place where you can take your kids along to experience the calmness and silence of the water fledged place. The cosy world of Antalya has a lot to explore and this place has a lot many yachts and other water activities that stand as a flaunting factor of this city. You can sit in a café sipping on a brewing hot chocolate cup and sighting fishermen of the place pulling their nets and flaunting their hard fished fishes of the day.

10 Manavgat waterfalls

Another waterfall on the list of waterfalls of this city Antalya is the Manvgat waterfalls where you can see the streams of water slipping in the Mediterranean. The city of Antalya is a home to more than twenty waterfalls and Manavagat is the most frequently visited waterfall by the tourists visiting this city. You can take your kids along to this place to have a splendid day out to sight a spectacular view of the Foamy streams kissing the Mediterranean’s. The shady gardens surrounding this place is a sigh of relief for the visitors touring this place when the hot scorching sun is shining bright in the sky. You can get your pictures clicked at this amazing place to add more memorable clicks to your photo album of Antalya

So anytime you plan a travel to Antalya don’t forget to include these spots in your list so that you and your kids can have some ultimate fun in the city.

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