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10 Classy Kitchen Ideas to Follow in 2019

Change in the social dynamics and advancement in technology has contributed much to the rise of a modern kitchen. Today, a kitchen is the centre focus of your house. People now design it properly, according to the latest trends. It is now a place where people cook, eat, gather, and sit.

2019 is around the corner and you might be planning to remodel your kitchen. This is not a DIY task, so it is best to hire professionals for the remodeling project. You can get in touch with different companies to get Cape Cod kitchen remodeling services for your kitchen area.

Now, let’s have a look at the ten-best classy kitchen trends you should follow in 2019:

1-Cabinet Colors- Dark Colors are in Demand

Though,white cabinets give a classy look but in 2019 the style is going to bit change. You will see pops of dark color in cabinets. Some of the best options to choose are black, navy, emerald green. Selecting these colors will surprise you and your kitchen area will get a luxurious feel. Furthermore, if you are looking to break the white color grip in your kitchen space, you can go for an island that should be painted with different colors or wood stain colors.

2-Smart Kitchens are Trending

Technology is the driving force today and it has modernized the different sectors. Nowadays, kitchens are also built smartly with the addition of new gadgets, sensors, and other devices for the convenience.

You can add motion sense equipped kitchen faucets that work by sensing the presence of your hands. Furthermore, now refrigerators can also give you alert regarding various things that include any malfunctioning, increase in temperature. You can add lights to your kitchen and you can easily control them with the help of your smartphone or tablet.

3-Textures, Streamlined Design, Materials are Significant

Kitchen styles like mid-century modern and farmhouse are still popular but people are now inclined to get streamlined designs. In streamline design, you should choose materials that are having texture. For instance, if you are using open shelving then to have natural look bring in the rough-cut wood. If you want an industrial look, then metal tubing will work fine. To get the guidance about the ongoing trends you can contact kitchen remodeling companies for assistance.

4-Effectual Cabinets Storage Solutions

Ample amount of cabinet space in the kitchen is must! The basic shelves and drawers waste a lot of space. To overcome the storage problems, you can do the following:

  • For small appliances make an appliances garage within your cabinets.
  • Add drawers’ dividers in your cabinetry for placing utensils, cutlery.
  • Furthermore, you can have pull-outs for spices, roll-out trays, wastebasket cabinets for placing recyclables, or deep drawers for placing and storing drinks or food.

5-Quartz is Still the King

When you are planning to get high-end kitchen counter tops, quartz is still the best option. Previously, quartz was having few colours and finishes. But with the time, advancement in technology now you can choose from a wide variety of colours and realistic stone pattern as well.

6-Multipurpose but Single Level Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a focal point in our kitchen area. Now, kitchen islands are not small, they are now having additional storage space to be used for multi functional purposes. They are now having cabinets to fit the under-counter appliances, offer seating-serving for a casual dining or drinking bar.

7-Look for New Style Appliances

The style of your appliances just like the other things can make a big difference. In the coming year, we will see a variety of colors and finishes. Now, stainless steel appliances are dominating the market, so selecting them for your kitchen will give a fresh look to your area. To stay ahead of curve, add pops of colors. Some of the expensive stoves are coming in bright blues and ruby ends. Keep all these points in your mind even if you are getting kitchen remodelling services. You can discuss these points with kitchen designers to make things better and stylish.

8-Stylish and Trendy Backslash

Keep one thing in mind that subway tiles are not used now. If someone is using them, then they are using the large subway tiles. People now prefer to choose larger slabs that come in various colors and texture. You get an endless color to choose according to your preference. You can add a pop of color for a creative design or might choose neutrals colors that comes with natural texture to get a classy look.

9-Hardwood Flooring vs Ceramic Tile

Hardwood flooring is one of the best and popular option when we are talking about kitchen flooring. But now, ceramic flooring is getting the attention. With the advancement in technology, ceramic flooring is coming in a wide variety of designs, size, and styles.

Now, you can get ceramic tiles that look like hardwood flooring. If you are looking to get a hardwood look but need a material that is easy to maintain, then ceramic tile is the best option.

10-Connect Kitchen Outdoor Space

Homeowners now prefer to connect the kitchen with patio or outdoor space. You can add a glass door to easily connect your kitchen with an outdoor space that will act as an entry point.

These were some of the trendy classy ideas that you can adopt for 2019 when remodeling your kitchen. If you are looking for guidance to design your kitchen, then get in touch with the kitchen renovation company. Their experts will assist you to turn your kitchen into a stylish area.

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