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10 Things to Consider Before Buying A Vacation Property

Everyone is having a sketch of his vacation property when planning to buy it. The property can be near to ocean, mountain or surrounded by the balsam-scented pine trees. Vacation property will be the place to enjoy holidays and spend quality time with your family. To maintain the property, you need to manage it properly and for this, you can get services related to vacation property management Cape Cod.

Before you invest your money, following are the ten things that you need to know before buying a vacation property:

1-Location Comes First!

Location is the key factor to be considered when buying. It is better to choose a place that you visit most. For instance, if you are living near the ocean then visiting mountain or big city condo for vacation can be a good idea.

You will have an idea about the location when you are looking to buy the vacation property. You might be looking a place having few neighbors to have some privacy ora place that has restaurants and nightlife. You might also look for the boat access and a hospital in case of an emergency.

2-Define your Budget

Budget is the primary thing and important factor that you need to keep in mind before buying the vacation property. It is better to review your budget before making a purchase. You not only have to pay the cost of property but also the insurance, associated taxes, utilities, HOA and condo fees, and other items including furniture, seasonal gear, boats, etc. You should always pick a property that fits within your budget instead looking property that you can’t afford.

3-Accessibility-Figure it Out

Next thing that you need to consider is how easily you can reach your vacation destination? Will you go through highway, take flight from the nearest airport, train, or boat access? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before buying.

4-Do not Think to Rent Out your Vacation Home

If planning to purchase a vacation home for the investment point of view to rent it out when you are away, then this scenario has special implications for financing. You need to discuss this thing with your mortgage specialist if you are financing and not paying the cash for the property.

You also need to check the community and neighborhood, state or town restriction on usage of property as a rent unit. To have the guidance regarding this, contact a real estate professional to all the proper information before a decision. Furthermore, if you are renting out your property, then to manage your vacation home get vacation rental management services from experienced companies.

5-Vacation Home That Suit Your Lifestyle

Everyone is having a different lifestyle. So, you need to see the things before buying. You might be comfortable in a small charming cottage as compared to high-rise condo. For this, narrow down your search to find the best property. Furthermore, you can’t be living in a place that is not having a valet parking, electricity backup etc. To avoid these situations, look for a property that suits your lifestyle.

6-Purpose Behind the Buying

When you are going to buy a vacation home it is better to plan to vacation as well in your calendar to relax and enjoy. When having this opportunity, it gives you something to look forward. Following are some question you need to ask yourself:

  • How you will be using this property away from home?
  • Are you planning to rent it when not in use?
  • Going to use it multiple times in a year?
  • Will it be your retirement house?

Here are some statistics that will help you in the decision of purchase to know about your purpose. According to the survey done by Nation Association of Realtors:

  • 37% of the people use their vacation property for family vacations.
  • 16% convert them to their primary residence.
  • 16% purchase the property due to low price real estate.
  • 42% of the investment property buyer purchase the properties and rent them out to earn a revenue.
  • 14% buy the property for potential price appreciation.

7-Don’t Forget the Taxes

You should prepare yourself for the taxes on your vacation home. You must consult your mortgagee specialist or real estate agent to know about the taxes. If you are facing any problem regarding the other taxes when selling the property because you are residing in a different state, then you can contact an accountant. Some states charges buyer or seller a conveyance tax when a property is sold by or to a different state resident.

8-Keep A Realistic Approach about Rental Income

You should have the knowledge about the rental market in the area where you are going to buy a vacation home for rent. There can be many factors in deciding the price. You should be aware of all those if you are counting on this property as a source of income. You need to keep the cost of vacation property rental management by hiring a professional property manager and advertising in mind when renting out the property.

9-Protecting Your Investment

Sometime you may not be able to look at your property for a long time. In this case, you should have a security, surveillance system or hire a property manager to have peace of mind regarding the protection of your house.

10-Get Ready for The Company

When you are going to purchase a vacation property you will be entertaining more guests coming to your property. It can be your friends or relative. So, to accommodate the company prepare yourself and plan accordingly.

These were ten things you should keep in your mind before making the decision of purchasing a vacation home. Furthermore, keep an eye on the market price and buy when you get a reasonable price for the vacation property. If you are looking to get vacation property on rent, then you can contact rental property management companies in your area.


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