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15 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change the World as We Know It

1. Electricity can be Used More Efficiently

Electricity companies make use of little censors to in aid the calculation of load carried by a building to help determine the right amount of electricity and current that will be needed by that building. In the case of reduction of electrical current or leakage, IoT can detect it and send a report to the company in charge by raising a flag at the transformers address.

2. Farm, Dairy and Poultry Production

The different aspect farming has been known to be quite a challenging task. It can be very challenging, tracking the supply, assets, and produce used to be a very tough task. Knowing the right time to vaccinate the animals, the right feeding time, when to water the crops and when the put fertilizer in the soil.

With the use of IoT, these tasks take up no time at all. In addition to the new found ease of carrying out these tasks, they can also make sales and buy different things from their market.

3. Construction Sector

One of the most important sectors to human beings is the construction sector; it is one of the crucial sectors that connect people to one another. All roads and bridges that link towns and cities are all part of this important sector.

We take good care to make sure our roads are durable, bridges are strong and so on. Some small censors are fixed into the pillars of the bridges to help in ascertaining their strengths and durability, after which they send signals once any mishap, is detected. This is also applied in the checking of tunnels, buildings, and roads.

4. Medical Sector

In this sector, small nanomites are infused into an ailing person’s body to help in fighting deadly viruses and to analyze all the internal organs of the body. Some scientists are working hard on creating nanomites that will be able to take out an illness altogether. The doctors will be able to control the nanomites using remotes from outside.

5. Safety of Wildlife

Back in the days, there were a lot of hunters and poachers who gunned down wild animals to sell off and make money. Wild animals, aquatic life, and other endangered animals are tagged with microchips to enable proper tracking of their movement and numbers.

There is a control tower outside the animal sanctuaries so that they can be monitored using wire sensors. Scientists are also working on using IoT to work on the regeneration of species that have gone extinct or are endangered. The fight against deforestation has also gone a lot further using IoT; chips are installed in the trees that are in danger of getting cut down.

6. Safety Against Natural Disasters

There are some safety devices that scientists have invented using IoT. They can predict occurrences, and natural phenomenon’s so people can be warned about impending impact. Call it nature punishing humans for their bad deeds or a natural phenomenon.

With the help of IoT, scientists have developed many safety devices which can predict this phenomenon and also can warn the humans about the impacts. Internet of things has helped in the prediction even earthquakes and tsunamis and people have more time to evacuate.

7. Childcare and Old Age People Care

Almost everyone works to earn a living these days. Nannies are employed to take care of the children and elderly, but this is not the safest thing to do.

Sometimes, these nannies are dishonest and instead steal from the houses. To avoid this, IoT can provide support for old people and children via mobile phones. You can also watch over your children when you are not there using your phones.

8. Make Cities Smarter

Smart cities are the way to go, giving everyone access to the internet. Every item needed by anyone is provided to them. They also make use of smart dustbins to keep the place clean and other things. Providing internet access to everyone. A town where everything is computerized from water, electricity to all the other house needs. IoT can take care of all these using a small chip.

9. Make a Household Easier

Everything in the house can be controlled easily using IoT. From the windows to light, garage door, and others, everything is possible. App developers have made apps that control home devices remotely.

10. Smart Accessories

In addition to Smartphone’s, we now have a number of smart accessories like smart watches, smart glasses, and even smart clothes. Smart shorts help track heart rate, loss of calories and general fitness.

11. Chains of Retail Shops

IoT has made it easier for shop owners to handle sales and the general running of their shops. They can quickly calculate the level of interest, percentages, and discounts to be given. They are also able to track trends and know what their customers like the use of sensors and cameras. It can also be used in the marketing aspect and general security of the shop.

12. Natural Deposits

The monitoring of rivers, glaciers, oceans and the other deposits is possible using IoT through sensors. It is also possible to gauge and regulate the pollution level in the air.

13. Street Lights

Street lights used to be put on manually at a certain time in times past. But with the use of these sensors, it is done automatically. Unlike before, these sensors can monitor the weather to determine when the street lights are needed. Charging of solar panel batteries and making the switch to the use of solar energy from electricity is taken care of.

14. A Reminder

We use a lot of mobile apps to remind us of things, most especially our smartphone’s. We constantly make dates and plans using these devices and set alarms to remind us.

15. Automatic Industries

There are many industries these days that are fully operated using sensors. A good number of production companies now operate through automatic mass production. It is way easier to use sensors to operate heavy machinery than manual labor.

In conclusion, lots of  IoT app development believe that the internet has played a major role but has been hugely helped and influenced but the Internet of Things, thus making life easier.

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