2008 Ahmedabad serial blasts: 38 convicts get death sentence


NEW DELHI : A special court in Gujarat on Friday pronounced death judgment to 38 out of 49 cons in the 2008 Ahmedabad periodical lemon blast case, giving life imprisonment until death to the 11 other indicted. 

Further, 13 times after the first arrest was made, the special court had on February 8 held 49 people shamefaced of carrying out a terror strike in Ahmedabad. 

On July 26, 2008, 19 losers rocked the megacity within a span of 70 twinkles and killed 56 people and injured further than 200 others. 

While condemning 49 people, including former Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) leader Safdar Nagori, 

The court has acquitted 28 indicted people and granted amnesty to an approver, Aiyaz Saiyed, by dropping charges against him. Out of the 28 people acquitted, the court said that it didn’t find substantiation against them, while 16 others were given the benefit of mistrustfulness by saying that substantiation presented against them wasn’t acceptable. 

Of the 28 acquitted, 27 people had spent nearly 13 times in jail. One of them, Naved Qadri, was released on temporary bail on account of his suffering from schizophrenia. 

In this terrorist strike, hospitals were targeted for the first time in the country. In a blast that took place at the Civil Hospital, 37 people lost their lives. They included some who had rushed to the sanitarium to contribute blood to the injured victims who were brought to the sanitarium for treatment. 

One blast also took place at LG Hospital, but none was injured there. 

The trial was conducted by the court after incorporating 35 different cases registered against the accused in Ahmedabad and Surat. There were 20 FIRs lodged in Ahmedabad for the lemon blasts and 15 registered in Surat as 29 unexploded losers were recovered from the colorful corridor of the megacity a couple of days after the terror strike. Then an unknown outfit, Indian Mujahideen (IM), had claimed the responsibility of the terror strike and nominated the act as a reprisal of the 2002 screams. The police claimed that IM was formed by some of the members of the banned outfit, SIMI. 

The execution was examined further than substantiations in this case. 26 substantiations were marked as star substantiations and the court as well as the government assured special vittles for concealment of their individualities for their safety. Four of the indicated were treated as an approver by admitting their admissions, though they fought a legal battle asserting their retractions at an after-the-stage. One of the accused offered to turn an approver and his request was accepted by the court. 

The special court heard the case in the Sabarmati central jail in the original days, but the utmost part of the execution took place through videoconferencing only. The trial took place amidst colorful difficulties and hindrances. One of them was the alleged attempt by 24 indicted in this case to escape from jail. 

On February 11, the jail authorities came across a 213- bottom long lair formerly dug up from the Chhota Chakkar area in the jail.

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