21 Savage to Release New Album on December 7


With the closing of 2018, 21 Savage still has more to give before the new year comes. And with that in mind, the rapper will be releasing his next album in December. He has announced to his followers on Instagram and Twitter that the album is finished and will be released on the 7th of December 2018.

It has been more than a year since 21 Savage came out with his last piece of work ‘Issa Album’ his first solo project. His next album is shrouded in mystery, and he has been hinting that it will take him back to his roots.

That is to say, the rapper may be presenting the gangster style of rapping rather than the calmer version that he has been known to give his fans for the last several years.

It is a brave action on his part but is due to his conviction that he should be the voice of those people that no one seems to listen to but who spend their lives in a struggle with the harsh realities that they are surrounded with.

For that, he has chosen the gangster style rapping and has been teasing his fans about the content of the lyrics, giving hints that he will connect with his listened through a style that relates to his story as well as the story of thousands like him. You can get no fee concerts tickets from here to be there when he performs live.

21 Savage is not promoting violence, but he wants the lyrics that he will use to draw attention to that echelon of people that are not heard.

He is not ashamed to state that that is where he came from, how he was first heard and aims to go back to those roots, and make his voice along with the voice of others heard.

There are collaborators who are joining him in that endeavor, he is not saying who they will be, but he is dropping hints and some of those seem to be; Beyoncé, SZA, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, among others.

There also seems to be a number of guests in his album but he is not saying anything about them as he likes to build anticipation and keep his fans guessing but some of them could be; Future, Quavo, BlocBoy JB, or maybe not.

Rumors are flying that he is collaborating with Pharrell, but no one can be sure if that is true for the coming album or not.

What is for sure, and that he has assured his fans of is that his album will address his beginning, his roots as a person and what he has been through. It is also aiming to show how he has grown as a person, as an artist, the goals he set, and those he surmounted.

A tribute to himself and to those he knows are in the same place he had been in – he wants to take their voices to be heard and for that, he is using the fame he has garnered and his voice to make them not only heard but seen as well. Read More Music News at Storify News

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