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3 Great Tips for Incorporating a Stone Wall in Your Outdoor Space

Do you want to add a finishing touch to your garden or define the limits of your garden? Whatever may be the cause, adding a stone wall will be the wise decision from your end as a homeowner. Starting with adding an aesthetic touch to your property to preventing the prying eyes in your neighbourhood from seeing what is happening in your property, the stone walls offer you abundant advantages. Moreover, as the stones come with an unlimited variety of options give the walls years of longevity without any damage, and require just a little maintenance, homeowners love to use it in the outer space of their property. If you also want to add a stone wall in the outdoor space of your property for the functional benefits, then choose one of the reputable companies that offer landscaping materials and garden supplies red hill, mornington peninsula, and various other parts of Australia. By checking the customer review and the feedback of the previous customers, you can determine which company to choose. However, only choosing a store and hiring a contractor for the task is not enough; you also need to be aware of your needs. And to help you with this, here, we present some tips. Take a look.

1. Decide the type of wall

When you go for building a wall in your garden, you will get two options to choose from, including mortared and dry-laid. The mortared wall needs a footing that is rooted several inches into the ground and is easy to build. Moreover, as it can be built to any height, you can choose it when you want to build a protective barrier in your garden. On the other side, if you are looking for a wall that is easy to maintain, then dry-laid stone walls will be the optimum choice for you. However, as the walls are no higher than four feet, you will consider building it when you want to add charm to your yard with a retaining wall or want to build low walls around the patio. So, decide the type based on your need, and let the contractor build it.

2. Consider look and feel

You can have an idea about the look of the wall that you want to incorporate. Do you want a weathered and old look? Or a blocky and big look? Or an elegant and smooth one? By imagining it beforehand, you can decide the kind of rock that you will buy. If you want an appearance that reflects sturdiness and strength, then big and blocky rocks will be the best choice for you. However, to get a natural look, you should pick walling stones. In case, you want to add a classic touch to the outside space of your home, then you should choose medium-sized grey rocks. When deciding a look and feel for the stone wall, always consider the look of your property as well as ensure that the wall complements it.

3. Stress on mix and match

Last but not the least; you should focus on mixing different types of stones for building the wall. You may think why to use different types of stones for the stone wall. It is because a combination of large, small and medium-sized stones adds a visual interest and gives it a real appeal. Moreover, it helps you to save your hard-earned money particularly when you want to build a long wall. The price of small and medium-sized stones are lower than the large ones; and by combining different types of stones, you can set aside the money that you will otherwise need to invest on large stones. So, buy stones of different sizes, and see the result after the contractor finishes making it.

By considering these tips, you can get a good outcome when you go for building a stone wall in your outside property. As you are now familiar with the tips, choose a reputable company that offers products such as rocks, pebbles, toppling, and services like constricting driveway, tree removal, and earthmoving mornington peninsula, hastings, red hill, and many other places in Australia, and pick the stone that will satisfy your need of a decorative wall around your home outdoor.

Author bio: cade ashlin, a popular blogger who regularly writes on driveway construction, tree removal, and earthmoving mornington peninsula, flinders and other parts of Australia, here writes on 3 tips for building a stone wall with garden supplies red hill.

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