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3 Of The Best Daily Poker Tournaments in India That You Can Play in November 2018

We are writing this article to mention three of the best daily poker tournaments in India that you should watch out for in November 2018. Poker, being a prominent skill-based game in India, is considered similar to a brain baazi game in India and we are presenting a full view of the same viewpoint here.

Poker, the ultimate brain baazi game in India

Poker is a skill-based card game in India. It finds millions of passionate followers that love it for its amazing mental and psychological benefits. The best part about this game is that anyone can be a pro at it, provided he works hard, sticks to the basics and remains consistent. These three attributes are enough to sail anyone to the top over a period of time.

Owing to the same reasons, Poker is treated as the ultimate brain baazi game in India. Its top-notch application of several core concepts of Mathematics, Psychology and Risk and Asset Management are the top reasons for its popularity in our country.


Daily poker tournaments in India

Here is our pick on the top 3 upcoming daily poker tournaments in India. Being a proper brain baazi game in India, it is imperative for you to understand that sound knowledge of basics and consistent hard work would help you put up a good show in these tournaments. In other words, you should rely on your skill and confidence to take you forward. Plus, playing on a trusted website like has its own perks too! Here are some of the top 3 daily tournaments that you can play on this website:

  1. The Bout

The surest thing to beat your Monday blues. The Bout is a prominent online poker tournament that comes with a guaranteed prize pool of INR 10 LAC and goes live every Monday at 8 PM.

  1. FriYAY

Welcome the weekend with a supercharged poker tournament. FriYAY is your passport to achieve something BIG with its guaranteed prize pool of INR 5 LAC, and you can take a crack at it every Friday evening at 8 PM.

  1. Baazi Super Sundays

A mix of three top tournaments rolled into one, and that too on a Sunday- this is what Baazi Super Sunday is all about! It features a massive prize pool of 25 LAC guaranteed and is scheduled for every Sunday evening from 6 PM onwards.

Daily poker tournaments in Delhi

India’s National Capital is one of the most major poker hubs in the country today.  Delhiites are taking up to its daily poker tournaments in Delhi and are winning BIG every day. Plus, with the growing popularity of online poker, the game’s live variant too is getting a much-needed push!

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