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3 Provinces in China Which You Can Visit for a Flower Watching Trip

Do you love to travel to different parts of the world and witness the beauty of flowers and capture them in your lens? Then, pack your bag and head over to China to fulfil your wildflower dreams. Due to its diverse topography, multiple climate conditions, and unique location, China is known as the treasure house of endemic plants and flowers including Meconopsis punicea, Primula moupinensis, Cypripedium tibeticum, and many more. Along with witnessing the beautiful blooms and taking their photos, you can also explore the unique culture of the ethnicities and the magnificent natural beauty in the area.

If you are wondering who will guide you during the tour, then you don’t need to worry. There are several travel companies that offer China botanical tours and can help you with their expert guides. However, before you research about the companies, the services that they offer, and check the feedback of the previous customers, you have to decide which part of the country you will visit. To help you, here we put together the names of some of the provinces in China and information about these. Before you plan a trip, take a look.

1. Sichuan

Located in Southwest of China, Sichuan is one of the best flower watching destinations in China. Because of great elevation difference, Sichuan has great plant diversity. More than ten thousand species of higher plants have been found here and hundreds species of them are endemic. Sichuan is also the hometown of several garden flowers including Chinese dove tree, yellow Chinese poppy, and regal lily. Along with watching flowers, you can also explore the natural beauty as well as take part in the thrilling adventures. To experience all these, plan a Sichuan Wildflower expedition Tour and come here.

2. Yunnan

Yunnan has the largest numbers of plants in China and that is why, it is called the kingdom of plants. Almost all kinds of climate can be found here. And due to different climate conditions, one can find different types of plants here. About 17 thousand species of higher plants are found in Yunnan. The northwest part of Yunnan is the core area of Hengduan Mountains and has different types of alpine flowers. The southern part of Yunnan is known as the land of tropical plants. And in the Southeast of Yunnan, one can find karst forest that has some unique flowers like Paphiopedilum, also called lady slipper orchid.

3. Tibet

Tibet is the homeland of Tibetan people and some other ethnic groups. Most of the parts of this province are Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. However, there are exceptions too, and it is called South East Tibet. Here, you can witness different species of endemic flowers. Moreover, you can also explore the unique culture of the land.

These are some of the provinces of China where you can explore different types of endemic flowers. As you are now familiar with these, opt for a reputable travel company that offers China botanical tours, and pick the right trip for you.

Author Bio: Jean Waters, a regular blogger on the China botanical tours, here writes on 3 provinces that you must visit for a Yunnan or Sichuan wildflower expedition tour.

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