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3 Reasons Why Jodhpur is the Ideal Place for Living

Jodhpur, the second major city of Rajasthan, is known to be the Sun City and the Blue City of India. It is known to be one of the gorgeous cities in India. Because of the bright and sunny weather all around the year, the city is acknowledged as the Sun Cty. While talking about all this, the city is a very well-liked tourist attraction destination with various temples, palaces and forts to explore. The town is full of good-looking Palace Hotels and Heritage Hotels.

Other than being a tourist attraction, Jodhpur is an ideal place for living. To support the statement, three reasons are listed below:

1. Return on Investment:

Real Estate projects in Jodhpur are considerably cheap. The city offers not only affordable housing with a quality lifestyle but also assures good return on investment. The average ticket size price of an apartment in Jodhpur ranges between 2702 INR to 3379 INR approx per square ft.  Better return on investment in upcoming micro markets like Jodhpur means more cheer for those looking for their dream home in this region. Investors have also received good rental returns in the past especially due to the presence of big industries and agriculture.

2. Cost of Living:

If you compare the cost of living of Jodhpur with Jaipur, you will come to know that it is comparatively cheaper to stay in Jodhpur. If you need 85,512 INR in Jaipur and to maintain the same standard of life, you would need 79,000 INR. Let’s look at the indices:

– Consumer Prices in Jaipur are 5.04% higher than in Jodhpur
– Restaurant Prices in Jaipur are 9.71% higher than in Jodhpur
– Rent Prices in Jaipur are 28.71% higher than in Jodhpur
– Local Purchasing Power in Jaipur is 28.91% higher than in Jodhpur
– Groceries Prices in Jaipur are 9.59% higher than in Jodhpur
– Consumer Prices Including Rent in Jaipur are 8.24% higher than in Jodhpur

3. Industrial Growth in Jodhpur:

The industrial growth of Jodhpur is also noticeable. Rajasthan, the state, is a leading producer of coloured stones and gems, making Jodhpur the prominent centre for jewellery. Moreover, the city is playing a pivotal role in contributing to Rajasthan’s economic development. A total of around 21,200 industrial units are there in the town. Some of the major exportable items in Jodhpur are handicraft items, guar gum powder, refined guar splits, wooden furniture, rollers for bearings, iron artistic furniture, etc.

Now that you have a list of reasons that you can enjoy after investing in a property in Jodhpur, you are all set to goa house hunt. Ashiana Housing, a real estate company, is into this industry which provides the dwellers with the best experience since 1979. If you are considering to buy a house in Jodhpur, Ashiana Dwarka is your one-stop solution. They have the most transparent policy wherein they keep a hawk-eye on the transactions happening making them the most reliable real estate developers.

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