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3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Moffett Forklifts

The introduction of the Moffett forklift by Hiab, a subsidy of Finnish corporation Cargotec, changed the way the material handling industry worked. Forklifts always play a major role in warehouses and factories to transport, move and lift small to medium loads yet, after the introduction of Moffett truck mounted forklifts, they serve for so much more than that.

Today, forklifts come in all sizes and perform functions the likes of which, the world has never known. Moffett pioneered the concept of truck-mounted forklifts, which allows the lightweight forklift to mount at the back of the truck carrying the materials. This not only saves time for the operator when he gets to the destination since he can start work as soon as he gets to the site but also saves tremendous cost for the business owner. Due to the introduction of Moffett fork trucks, business owners found a cost-effective solution to moving material in small spaces and over rough terrain as well (with the help of rough terrain series forklifts).

It is due to these reasons that after 70 years of operations, Hiab’s Moffett forklifts are a huge success. Moffett forklifts continue to sell in over 45 countries including the United Kingdom, India, Australia and many more. In fact, it is an estimate that there are over 55,000 Moffett forklifts operating in the United States alone, which shows how much of a success they are, even here in North America.

The most popular designs of the Moffett forklift include the M8 and M9 models, which operate widely in poultry, agriculture, construction, defense and fire, and rescue services. This is due to their exceptional maneuverability, stability, and efficiency the likes of which cannot match by their rivals. As such, it is essential to collect as much information regarding these brilliant machines as possible.

So, let us look at some of the interesting facts and features about Moffett forklifts that you probably did not know.

1.    The NX Series is here

The Moffett NX series is the new addition in the already dominant product line of Moffett. This series released in April of 2018 and it takes all the trusty old models such as the Moffett M4, Moffett M5, and Moffett M8 and gives them an upgrade of epic proportions. The Moffett M4 NX offers enhanced performance and efficiency, easier maintenance along with better looks and improved safety and control features.

The Moffett M5 NX improves the impeccable value of the Moffett M5 by providing added features such as GroundStart™, which makes it even easier to mount and dismount the forklift on the back of the truck. Whereas the Moffett M8 NX has improved upon the already reliable old model of Moffett M8. The hydraulic control made of single combined hydraulic assemble makes this forklift the perfect onsite partner for material handling.

2.    Sustained Functional Life of Used Moffett Forklifts

 Moffett forklifts have the best track record of a sustained functional life even after prior use. Other forklift brands may be doubtful for resale after a couple thousand hours of onsite work, yet used Moffett forklifts offer better sustainability given that trustworthy retailers such as Truck forklifts sell them. They will complete 10,000 hours of functional life without a hitch, even though most fleet managers (quite understandably) are hesitant to purchase pre-owned forklifts due to fear of malfunction and damage to property or life.

However, with the proper maintenance and use by a trained operator, every Moffett forklift will deliver efficiency and enhanced performance until its designated limit of usage. Of course, it is important to mention here that the sustained functionality of used Moffett forklifts is only possible if they operate within recommended guidelines.

3.    State of the Art Safety Features

Moffett forklifts offer better safety features than most. Since the Moffett forklifts are lightweight (especially M2 and M4) therefore, they are more likely to meet an accident than the rest of the field. As such, Hiab has made sure that all operators can use Moffett truck mounted forklifts with the greatest of confidence. Therefore, Moffett forklifts are equipped with state of the art safety features to prevent any loss of life or serious injury to the operators. These include:

  1. Seat belt interlocking feature for the driver
  2. Overhead guard, test by ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure)
  3. 360 degrees all-round visibility
  4. Reverse bleeper, flashing beacon, and work lights
  5. LED road light for transport on truck or trailer

These were just some of the little-known facts about Moffett forklifts. If you are looking to purchase a forklift for your onsite operations, consider purchasing one of the new NX series since they do offer enhanced features.


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