4 Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind When Applying Mulch


Are you a city dweller who is looking for a patch of greenery in the concrete’s jungle? Then, transfer the unused land of your home into a garden, and enjoy the beauty of flowers, the buzzing sounds of the bees, the chirpings of birds, and many more. However, only sowing plants, flowers, and trees are not enough for your garden, you also have to look at the appeal as well as the health of the soil. And the ideal way to do so is mulching. It is a process of spreading material around plants to help ward off weeds and to enrich the soil. Moreover, by sealing moisture, it helps plants to survive for a long period without water. And for all these, gardeners are choosing mulch to keep their lawn happy and healthy.

If you also want to use it in your garden then go for one of the reputable companies that offer garden supplies Somerville, Mornington Peninsula, Red Hill, and many other places in Australia. However, only buying mulch from a reputable garden supplier is not enough; you have to make sure that you are using it properly. Otherwise, the used mulch will bring no good to your lawn. You have to keep certain things in mind when mulching. Here, we have put together a few do’s and don’ts of mulching. Take a look.

1. Do use it to improve the appearance

One of the best advantages of mulching is that it can enhance the look and feel of your garden or flowerbed. With so many colour options available in the market, you will not face any difficulty in finding the ideal match for your yard. You should always choose the one the complements the exterior appeal of your house. For example, brownish mulch goes well with brick houses, while dark mulch that is in contrast with flowers can improve your landscape design.

2. Don’t use too little or too much

The aim while laying mulch is to provide adequate water but still allowing plants to receive water and nourishment. If you don’t use enough mulch, then it can cause soil erosion issues while too much mulch can prevent water from reaching the roots of the plants. Roughly three inches of mulch is needed but it varies based on other external factors. So, to fend off weeds and to conserve moisture, always use the right amount of mulch in your garden.

3. Do clean the mulch

If the colour of the mulch starts to fade off and if you notice that there is a substantial build-up, then it is recommended to clean out the old mulch before adding new mulch in the soil. It helps to revitalize the look and feel of the garden, and keep it looking clean. So, never forget to clean the old mulch before applying a new one.

4. Don’t neglect your trees

If you are in the belief that the trees of your yard don’t need mulch then you are wrong. Just like the plants, you should also place mulch around the base of tree for protecting the trunk, especially if the trees are too young. It is because mulch rings make a protective barrier and thus, keep mowers away and reduce threats from other plants. So, never neglect the trees when applying mulch in the garden.

So, keep this in mind while applying mulch in your garden or the flower beds. And to get black mulch, leaf mulch, eucalyptus mulch, or something else for your garden, choose a reputable garden supplier today. Read More News at Storify News


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