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4 Instagram Metrics to Help You Get More Followers & Engagement

Talking about the growth of a business on Instagram, knowing how Instagram metrics can be the best point to begin. However, what must be tracked and measured by the Instagram metrics? It is easy to be overwhelmed when you look at the analytics, thus following are the best metrics are given which will aid you in growing your business account.

1: Measure the Engagement Rate for Learning about the performance of Content

First thing comes first. For viewing the Instagram analytics and metrics, you will be needing to switch to your business profile for getting an access to the Instagram insights in your app. Talking about which metric must be chosen for tracking, the engagement rate can be the best place for starting.

As each of your followers won’t engage or see with each of your post, engagement rate can help you to know the number of followers who actively engage with you and your brand. Engagement rate provides the percentage of the engagement (comments and likes) which your posts receive. Instagram doesn’t provide calculate engagement rate, however, you can easily find your total likes, comments, and likes and reach by going to the posts in-app and tapping on “view insights”.

Usually, if you wish of calculating an average engagement rate on Instagram, you can divide total comments and likes by the follower count, and then multiply by 100.

To get a more accuracy, you can also divide comments + likes by the number of followers who reach you. Method of calculating engagement rate is also a hot topic, however, with the help of reach numbers you can an accurate answer as it is divided by an actual number of people who see your posts, instead of the follower count.

2: Optimize a Hashtag Strategy on Instagram by Tracking the Discovery Metrics

In the Instagram Insights, there is a discovery section which is like a goldmine for those who want to know where their audience came from to find their posts.  For finding these metrics for the posts, you can go to the profile page and click on the image for which you want to see the metrics. Tap on the View Insights from there, which is located under the image.

An amazing metric which needs your attention is the metric of “From hashtag”. This tells you about the hashtag strategy. Whether it is working well or not and if people discover your posts using the hashtags they look for or follow in their explorer page. Doing experiments with the hashtags and monitoring the Discovery metrics gives a real insight in which hashtags perform their best for the profile. Also, if you have a good hashtag strategy, you can do good for reaching to the target audience in social media world.

3: Know When Users Stop to Watch Your Stories

If you do your business on Instagram, you must definitely be utilizing the Instagram Stories!

But why? As this is an ideal platform for showing off the personality of your brand, actions from behind-the-scenes and a reach to your audience on both fun and personal levels! Also, there are a lot of features linked with the Instagram stories such as poll stickers, Question stickers which help in boosting the engagement and building conversations. If you don’t seem sure where to begin, you can check out free training courses about using Instagram stories for the business and how it helps you to 100k Instagram followers.  

If upload stories on seasonal basis, you may want to begin by taking the Instagram stories metrics into your consideration, especially, metric of Next Stories. This metric tells you about amount of the users who did tap or swipe past for next stories on your Instagram and also a lot about the interest of your audience in the stories.

4: Use an Average Percentage of Watched Rates for Creating Stunning IGTV Videos

Did you ever wonder that whether your audience watch your IGTV  Views clips from start to end? If yes, you are needed to check out  an average percentage of Watched rate! It is a percentage part of the clips which users watched. It is calculated in from of percentage of the clip watched over average of total plays.

For examples, if 31% of the video has been watched, but doesn’t mean necessarily that 31% from the start of a video, as people can fast forward in the video for skipping ahead or may have watch snippets of video only. The graph of average percentage of watched metric shows the amount of users engaged during each part of a video.

Never get disheartened if you see a natural decline in your graph – it’s totally normal! You never get 100% of the viewers who watch your videos from start to end. Read More News at Storify News   


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