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4 Steps for Improving On Page SEO of Your Website


The main goal of search engine optimization is to get the spiders of search engine that will help your site to rank at the top in the google ranking and also make your website visible. Keep in mind that process of optimization is not considered to be the one-time process infect it requires regular maintenance, monitoring, tuning, and nonstop testing. Here in this article we are discussing about four-step process of SEO Services London that will help you to make a strategy for your perfect search engine optimization.

1.  Firstly, Do Complete Target Market Business Analysis:

  • Website Analysis: First of all you have to do the analysis of your visible text, Meta sets which are also known as keywords, and code for determining how well you will be positioned in other search engines.
  • Competitive Analysis: After that you have to do competitive analysis of your site in which you will examine keywords of your content and will analyze present engine rank­ings of all your competitors websites that will help you to determine an effective positioning strategy.

2.  Then Prefer to do Keyword Research or Development:

  • Keyword Analysis: The next thing that you have to do is keyword analysis in which you have to identify all the targeted list of your key­words and phrases. For this you should prefer to review competitive lists and also see various sources of pertinent industry. Other than that, you can also use your initial list to regulate an indicative number of your latest search engine inquiries and from this you can also see how many websites are actually competing for each key­word.
  • Baseline Ranking Assessment: Other than that it is important that you do the baseline ranking assessment it will help you to get a good understanding of where you are now and see where you have to reach in your future rankings. For this you can maintain a simple excel sheet from where you can simply start your weekly check and after you will get more comfortable then you can shift at 30 to 45 days.
  • Goals and Objectives. Keep in mind that you have to clearly define your goals and objectives in advance that will help you to measure your return on investment from any of the programs that you have implemented.

3.  After that, Do Content Optimization or its Submission:

  • Create Page Titles: The next thing that you have to do is to create a keyword based title that will help you to establish the theme of the entire article and will give proper direction to your keyword.
  • Create Meta Tags:  After that you have to create a Meta description tag that will further influence a click-throughs, but they can’t be used directly for rankings.

4.  Prefer to Do Continuous Testing of your SEO Process:

  • Test and Measure: The next thing that you should know is to test and analyze the search engine ranking on continuous level. Keep in mind that you have to do continuous testing of this system and your overall website traffic to get successful. Check the effectiveness of the programs that you have already implemented into your SEO process this must include assessment of your individual keyword performance.
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