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5 Fresh Ideas for the First Date

Have you ever watched a movie and rolled your eyes when the couple goes out on a first date? They do the same things like go to a park for a picnic or go out to eat. It’s time to shake things up a bit and keep first dates fresh and special. Here are five fresh ideas for your next first date that you can use to have fun, get to know your date, and leave them with a great impression.

1. Go Paintballing

If you’re dating a thrilling and active lady, you can certainly get away with taking her out to a paintball course. The two of you will fight against other teammates and have some fun shooting at other people. Not only do you have to bond as a team in order to “survive”, but it’s definitely something that you will walk about for years to come. Just make sure that you ask her permission before driving to the course and hoping she likes to get messy.

2. Take Her to Trivia Night at Your Local Bar

Taking someone out to a local bar might seem like a mistake at first. However, when you take your date out to your favorite bar for trivia, you are doing a few things right. First off, you are integrating her into your everyday like so she can see you in your element. Also, you are showing off the fact that you do have some knowledge about sports, movies, or whatever the topic is that night. Finally, you get to share some messy food with one another while subverting the stiff expectations of a typical first date.

3. Try an Escape Room Together

Escape rooms are definitely growing in popularity in the modern day. These rooms come with a certain theme and you and your date have to work together to ensure that you can successfully leave. Again, this makes you and your date have to work together to accomplish a goal which can psychologically make your date think about being on your side. Moreover, you get to spend some time in a confined space with your date even if it is a little more stressful than you might like!

4. Visit an Animal Shelter

Visiting an animal shelter as a volunteer is a great way to show off your compassionate side while taking your date out somewhere completely unique. Let her see that you know how to actually care for a living creature while the two of you care for something together. It’s definitely a memorable first date, but make sure you take her out for something fun like dinner afterwards!

5. Go to a Video Arcade

There’s nothing better than letting out your inner child around your date. The two of you can compete in some air hockey, shoot pool, and play all kinds of games with one another while talking. You will get bonus points if you use the tickets that you earn playing the games to give her a little gift. This one only works with some girls, so make sure to suggest it first before pulling up to the arcade. Also, avoid eating at the arcade; take her out somewhere else!

As you can see, these five unusual ideas for dates are going to leave an impression on your date. As long as they are up for the good times like paintballing or trivia night, you’re bound to have some fun. If you’re still looking for that adventurous man or woman, Naughtydate is a great place to meet fun-loving singles. Remember, having fun is a wonderful way to start a relationship off on the right foot.

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