5 Symptoms of a Bad Drive Shaft


The drive shaft in every car is an essential part of the drivetrain. If this part of the car, by any chance, is not working correctly, a lot of trouble can arise for you. The primary role of a drive shaft is to use the torque provided by the engine to spin the tyre. So, a faulty drive shaft can make strange noises while the car is one the move.

You probably didn’t know that the driveshaft is broken from the way it looks. Its internal parts need to be wear-free and well-lubricated to function correctly. You can also get additional information about this from various sources. You can also buy a new drive shaft from boodmo.com, a trusted name in the automobile spare parts’ business.

So, here in this article, you will get to know the five common symptoms of a bad drive shaft.

Turning Issue

The most apparent symptom of driveshaft failure is when there is a problem in steering the car. Additional resistance from the drive shaft can make steering difficult as the wheels do not receive the proper amount of torque due to U-joint problems at the ends of the drive shaft.

If the driveshaft is defective, it must be replaced promptly. Otherwise, there is a risk of an accident where the vehicle cannot be controlled.

Car Starts Vibrating Suddenly

As the drive shaft wears, the vibrations under the vehicle can be felt through the steering wheel and floorboards. These vibrations may signal that the driveshaft needs to be replaced. In most cases, there is a worn bushing on the driveshaft. Since the shaft is fixed in place by a bushing, if the bushing is loose, damaged, or neglected, the driveshaft will vibrate.

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Vibrations, handling problems, and strange noises under the vehicle can indicate issues with the driveshaft or with the CV joints or other drivetrain components. So, the best way out of this is to take your car for a service immediately.

Unfavourable Noises

Due to a bad drive shaft, you may sometimes hear a squeaking sound while driving, which can cause problems for you. They are not usually an indicator that the driveshaft has failed. However, they typically mean that the bearings or U-joints require lubrication.

U-Joint Rotation Issues

Wear or breakage of the U-seals is a common propeller shaft problem. If you know where to look, you can usually check the U-joints yourself. Pull over to the side, put the car on neutral and move the U-joint spokes back and forth. Carrying too much is a sign that you should bring it up instead. As you check, check for rust on the bearing cover washers, which could be another sign of driveshaft issues.

Clunking Sound

The problem of clunking sound can be detected when you step on the gas pedal or drive in reverse, and your car suddenly starts making a noise of a failed driveshaft. These can be in addition to the squeaky sounds you usually hear all the time. This should mean you need to replace your shaft before some real damage occurs.


So, by now you might know about the symptoms that lead to a bad drive shaft. You need to get it repaired or replaced before the problem escalates. A bit of vigilance on this can get you enormous benefits.

We hope that you found this article informative. All the best for your car maintenance spree.

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