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5 Ways in Which You Can Avoid Smoking Triggers

There is a great struggle for an ex-smoker to halt and untie him or herself from the grip of cigarette smoking even when they are introduced into vaping. Many people have quitted vaping after being in it for some months but the craving for smoking got bigger and they didn’t know what to do.

Reasons for Craving Cigarettes

The fact still remains that, craving for a cigarette will always be there when vaping especially when you have just transited. This is because cigarettes have a high concentration of nicotine compared to e-cigs which make them be more addictive. That means, if your e-cig doesn’t meet the same level of nicotine that cigarettes were giving you, you will probably crave for one.

Besides, adding the level of nicotine to your e-liquid, there are some triggers that you should try to curb before they explode the craving. If you fail to recognize these triggers, you might end up smoking. It can be as simple as after taking a cup of coffee, before sleeping, after waking up in the morning or something you were used to doing before smoking.

That’s when you should be well set with your vape kit. Ensure the batteries are well-charged and you have enough e-liquid. Instead of lighting a cigarette when the craving comes to reach out to your kit and vape.

You just have to fight the addiction and avoid those euphoric recalls that will increase the craving. Get the best kits from help you avoid smoking triggers; there are other ways to deal with smoking triggers.

Avoiding Smoking Triggers

E-cigs provide the user with similar behavior, sensation, and habit as the ones they were used to when smoking. Here is how:


  • Maintaining inhaling sensation


In cigarette, you inhale smoke which gives you that relaxation while in e-cigs, you inhale vapor and release it. This is a sensation that has formed a habit in the life of many smokers and if they find solace in those vape kits from vaping360, they can easily bridge the gap.


  • Maintaining the exhaling feeling


This is one thing that keeps smokers relaxed as they release smoke in different styles. In e-cigs, the same feeling is maintained. As you vape you release a cloud of smoke that gives you an exhaling feeling.


  • Maintain the hand to mouth habit


It will take a little bit longer for an ex-smoker to keep his hands relaxed in a single position. They are used to bringing their hands to their mouth. You can maintain the same action by using e-cigs. You can lift it up to the mouth and back. Soon you will get used to keeping your arms at rest.


  • Keep nicotine flowing


vaping360 can offer you the best vape starter kits that will enhance your vaping. Ensure that your kit has enough e-liquid and the right amount of nicotine. You inhale cleaner nicotine and in a slower way than in cigarettes.


  • Maintaining the throat hit


Every smoker knows the hit they feel in their throat and chest when smoking a cigarette. With vaping the same feeling is maintained so you will be comfortable in it.


In a bid to kill your craving, don’t do excessive vaping else you might develop some side effects like headaches and nausea. That’s a sign that you have consumed much nicotine. When such a thing occurs just relax and let the feeling disappear before vaping again.  

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