5 Ways to Improve Your Chances on the Slots


Slot machines can be the most attractive part of a casino. They shine and sparkle in different colours and make loud noises whenever someone wins. All of these aspects are specially designed to get you interested in pulling that big lever and seeing the slot roll. We know that slot machines and casinos, in general, are in the house’s odds, but there are some ways that you can try to improve your chances of winning, even by just a little bit. 

The best plan of action is to work out a strategy that works for you and read up on other people’s experiences with games that you are more likely to win. You may even benefit from reading up about the casino and investigating which ones have had the highest amount of jackpot winnings. Equally though, enjoying the game is important.

Smaller Jackpots Can Mean Bigger Wins

Ever see a large jackpot on an empty slot machine and instantly you are drawn to it? Slot machines with the highest jackpot earnings often don’t pay out as often. This is because the casino wants you to choose a machine with a higher jackpot that is much more difficult to win. There is a reason that seat is empty.

Choose a slot machine closest to the end of the aisles as these are generally top hitters that pay out more often. Go for the lowest jackpots and keep spinning. With variance, you are likely to win small amounts over a longer period. This may involve some simple calculations, and there are plenty online. These will help you to calculate how good your chances are if you play smaller bets over longer periods. 

Bet the Highest Wager

Slot machines have a thing called maximum credits and progressive jackpots. Machines like these are designed to only pay bonuses once you have used the entire available credit amount. This also means betting on all the lines in the spin to increase your chances of hitting at least one bonus or pay-out. If you go for a progressive jackpot machine, be prepared to wait for your winnings. 

Consider playing with higher denominations as well because the pay-outs are determined by a percentage of the amount you bet. The higher the wager you place, the bigger the winnings will be.  

Know Your Machines & Games

Did you know that the odds of each machine are predetermined by the manufacturer? Older machines have an average of 7 days between each change. The newer ones automatically change odds every few minutes, or if the machine has been standing too long without a player. There is also a thing called Return To Player (RTP) which is a way to calculate if a slot machine or certain game will yield different results. Ideally, this is the amount of money a player is expected to get back from the machine.

The issue with this is that you can’t accurately say how often a player might win, only that their chances of winning a percentage can be calculated. Progressive slots also have the lowest reported RTPs, so watch out. They are also associated with tight machines, which means these have been designed to pay out less often. There are some helpful resources online that can tell you the RTP of any machine or game. Check out this website to get an idea of the best slot sites if you like to play online. Online Casinos provides unbiased reviews of titles old and new.

Long-Term Winnings Take Time

On average, it will take a player anywhere from 100 bets and upwards before they can tell if a slot machine is a decent one to play on. Sometimes you may even get a feel for one that you know won’t pay-out anything even after 10 bets. One consideration to take when you are testing a machine is to manage your bankroll properly. If you have planned to take enough money to play for three days, you better make sure you bet small and wise to avoid wasting your money on a tight machine that might never pay.

If you are new to slot machines or even a first-time gambler, be sure that you have budgeted properly and won’t lose more money than you are able or willing to.  

Play on the End Machines

If you like to play the retro way, as the first tip says, play on machines located at the end of the aisle. Essentially, casinos put looser machines that have high RTPs in the end because they pay out more often. The sound of any winnings will attract other players to go to the empty slots, which usually have a low RTP. What’s more is that many people will give up on a machine because they have rolled 100 times with no win. It could be your chance to swoop in and be the next winner. If you are patient enough, the end machines typically generate the highest percentage of pay-outs. Although small, the winnings over the long-term will bring less risk and you can accurately judge how long the bankroll effect will last. 

Casinos also tend to put the end machines facing the entrance, so keep an eye out for any slot machine or row that is particularly visible or clearly staged. 

At the end of the day, you want to maximise your earnings while limiting your losses; however, gambling is a game of chance. There is no guarantee that a machine will give more pay-outs or higher jackpots, but these tips are just a step closer to ensuring you have the best chance. If all else fails, try playing a game that takes skill and one that you at least enjoy spending time on. 

Remember that most new slot machines are being designed with higher winning combinations built-in. You may be able to win decent amounts of the slots, but they are designed to take your money and pay out less. Expect to either pull that lever thousands of times with relatively good chances or place higher bets and hope to be one of the lucky ones. 

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