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7 Step Guide to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

It’s essential for all students to develop academic writing skills. With so much competition in the world of academia, you must be able to write a valuable essay that can bring you good grades. You should be capable of producing clear, graceful, and influential content. It might be difficult for many of you to showcase your research findings due to weak writing skills. After all, academic writing is different than writing for other purposes.

It’s hard to keep such writing interesting and engaging because it involves complex research, studies, and findings. This is a guide to improve your academic writing skills so you may find this task less daunting in the future.

Never Forget Your Audience:

When you are writing for academia, never forget that your intended audience includes highly educated individuals who are experts of your subject. They already know the fundamentals of your topic. They don’t need to know details about the basics of your research topic. It’s advisable to focus on the findings of your research while writing your essay.

Based on Previous Researches:

Academic writing requires you to do thorough research before you write a single word. You can produce new information by compiling and expanding past researches and relevant publications on the same topic. But you should not repeat the facts and ideas that have already been published.

Get to the Point:

The first paragraph should briefly outline the main points to be discussed in the entire paper. It provides a structure for the paper reader and establishes a primary topic about the entire paper. This paragraph is usually known as an abstract in scholarly writings that summaries the entire paper in one or a few short paragraphs.

Support with Evidence:

One of the most effective academic writing strategies is to create a thesis statement and report all the supporting evidence for that statement. You can produce a successful and compelling paper by writing the hypotheses along with all the persuasive arguments to prove their validity.  

Include Bibliography:

You must include the information from other papers that support your research. Therefore, your academic paper should include a complete list of sources from which you obtained information. Ideally, your paper must include a bibliography or list of references. This allows your evaluator to expeditiously refer to those sources and check if they actually support your research and findings.

Avoid Flowery Language:

The reason of academic writing is to inform and educate readers. The overuse of flowery language, analogies, and metaphors can make an informal impression and cause a distraction for the reader. Such language and reporting style may also diminish the impact of your research. So choose a formal reporting style that is suitable for your subject matter. Your language should be clear and to the point.

Edit and Proofread for Perfection:

Especially when it comes to academic writing, you must edit the paper carefully. While editing, don’t just look for the grammatical or spelling mistakes, but also condense and clarify the material of your paper to make it persuasive and concise. You should proofread before submitting your paper for review. This process ensures the credibility and quality of your paper. You can also consult an online essay writer to assist you in editing and polishing the dissertation. The online essay writers are well versed in the language and provide writing and proofreading services for your research papers, thesis, and essays.

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