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7 Ways to Protect Clients from Breaking their WordPress Website

In order to prevent your WordPress websites from breaking on its security, there are few essential tricks that you need to follow. Seven tricks have been provided here. The right tutorial and guide help in fool-proofing your site.

In order to develop a WordPress site, it is always a wise option to seek the help of a professional WordPress Development Company in India since the world of web development is a technical one and can be very confusing for people with little idea and experience in the field. Needless to say, a professional has his or her own tricks for solving problems which a user is unlikely to be able to do. Hence the first action a user should take on breaking of the WordPress site contacts the developer who literally built it up from scratch.

Following are 7 simple steps that a user should ensure a developer does and which an experienced developer does anyways in order to protect users and clients from breaking a WordPress site:

1. Firstly, a developer should provide his or her client with a tutorial guide so that the user has something to quickly turn to in case of any confusion. The tutorial does not need to teach the user on how to use WordPress but just act as a guide which is easy to follow. A developer often installs a sidekick plugin for that along with making an easy tutorial guide exclusively for his or her clients.

2. Secondly, apart from providing a guide, a developer should take his or her client on a tour of the site created and explain important points like how to log in, how to preview the changes and other similar issues.

3. Thirdly, a developer can brand himself or herself with a particular design or theme as that way the users will know what they are dealing with and developers will be able to get a hang of the slips.

4. Fourthly, a developer should build a strict security system with authentication, by script hashing and strong passwords since clients cannot always be expected to maintain proper security.

5. Fifthly, a client does not know how to secure a website and relies on the developers to do so. A developer should always create a backup preferably an automated backup process so that the clients do not suffer if and when the data gets stolen or lost.

6. Sixthly, the process of updating a site cannot increase the probability of breaking a site when the developer is in control of the process and is constantly updated regarding the plugins opted. Developers take help of the automation process to achieve this easily.

7. Seventhly, a user or a hacker should not be able to get his or her hands to important files of a site like the wpconfig.php file. Hence these files should not be left to be found easily even if the client does not require frequent updates.


A developer should be able to make a full proof WordPress Site if he or she is an experienced one. Hence much lies in the hands of a client in terms of choice as it is in the hands of a developer.

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