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8 Tips to Plan a Romantic Valentine Theme Wedding

Have you chosen Feb 14 as your wedding day? Well, you must be a born romantic. Choosing a perfect wedding date is kind of a challenge but who’d argue with the symbolism of tying the knot on a day that is solely devoted to love and romance. It’s hard not get swept off by the charm of a Valentine wedding and why would anyone even want to try? The Lover’s holiday is the most romantic time of the year to say “I Do”.

The only problem with a Valentine day wedding is that it can be very difficult and costly too to secure a wedding venue and other wedding-related services because of the high demand of the day. But if you pre-plan everything, then the problem is not that huge. All you need is a little motivation and inspiration to plan your dream day with plenty of red and pink decor and heart-shaped accents wherever possible. Well, here are some tips to get you started. Let’s have a look:

Consider the venue first:

As Valentine’s day is associated with love, the day is extremely popular to get married. That’s the reason it is difficult to find available space for a traditional wedding. For a Valentine theme, you can consider a destination wedding. It is often easier to pull off a destination wedding during Valentines since many convenient packages are there. But you have to book them in advance. Local resorts, hotels, villas and beaches are popular Valentine day wedding destinations with all the wedding facilities.

Choose a wedding theme:

Decorate your dream wedding as you would do for a romantic dinner. Set the mood right for your big day with the classic and sophisticated shaded of deep burgundy and dusty rose. Soft lighting, gauzy fabrics, flowers, candles and plenty of romantic atmospheres is a perfect arrangement for a Valentine theme wedding. Consider adding gold accents to your setting and incorporate some shiny metallic elements to your wedding decor.

Your wedding attire:

Your wedding dress is the third most noticeable thing in your entire wedding after the venue and theme. For Valentine’s day, an old fashioned look is always romantic. You’ll most probably want to wear a classic style dress and tuxedo but instead of hem go for a white dress with red accents. Make your hair pulled back with red roses pinned into your chignon. Consider carrying an overflowing bouquet of red roses to add more charm to your style. For your bridesmaids, consider the same dresses in varying shades of pink and red. For groomsmen, red ties with different red and pink boutonnières are a good option.

Play with traditional Valentine colours:

The Pink and red hues are synonymous to Valentine’s Day. Depending upon your wedding theme, you can incorporate these traditional colour pallets or can do something unexpected. For instance, if your wedding theme is white and black then add a hint of red or pink in the form of flower bouquets, favours and wedding attire. You can also add the slightest nod of pink satin ribbons to your white themed wedding cake.

Make a cosy lounge space:

Cocktails and lounge are must in a wedding. A romantic wedding is incomplete without an intimate seating area for guest to enjoy their cocktails. For this February wedding, a mix of vintage velvet couches, upholstered chairs and gold accents makes for a real and authentic Valentine vibe. Here you can also display photos of family members on their own wedding day. Isn’t it a great way to remember and honour the love of older generations?

Say it with flowers:

Roses on Valentine’s day are mandatory. But there are also other blooms that look stylish and lovely. Amaryllis is one such winter flower that is simply gorgeous. To make a deep a deep and rich contrast, mix deep red calla lilies, ranunculus or anemones. Irrespective of your budget, you can always experiment with some non-floral elements like crystals or feathers for a more dramatic look.

Your Valentine cake:

A Valentine’s day wedding calls for its signature wedding cake. A modern heart shape embossed on a white fondant is always a great cake option or you can choose a red filling like a red velvet cake with fresh sliced strawberries in a heart shape. So that each slice of the cake will have a colour of love.

A vintage wedding car:

Lastly, double the aura of your wedding with a luxury wedding car. Depending on your budget you can bid your fellows a classic goodbye from your wedding. From Rolls Royce, Hummer, Bentley to Audi options are many for you to hire. Choose one that suits your budget and get it all valentinely decorated with hearts and flowers for your wedding.

So, That is all for now but that is not it. After all, it’s your dream wedding and you have a plethora of choices to make it royal and super romantic.

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