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800 Troops Heading Towards the Border

The news was lingering around about large section of Mexican caravans were heading towards the North in search of better livelihood and job opportunity, and now a large section of the US army (roughly 800 soldiers) are heading towards the south to handle this mob.

This large section or the migrant caravan is in a hope to find better conditions here in the US but are opposed by the Mexican authorities. Looking into the matter, President Donald Trump on Thursday stated this incident as a ‘National Emergency’ as also said that this needs to be stopped and hence troops are being sent.

However, it may sound that like that the migrant caravan will be not poorly encountered or opposed by the US troops as well but is not. Trump’s several other tweets may also sound like that, but the troops are being sent so that they could help the migrants with transportation, and other physical supports like lawyers, medical facilities, doctors, etc. So the troops would be acting here as a relief provider committee rather than an attacking army. It is to note that the 800 army men are not sent with weapons and tanks to encounter the migrant caravan.

The Homeland Security officials have shown their botheration towards the large population accumulated at the border may cause any destruction or the accident. Not that it may cause a troop-migrant war at the border, or the caravan’s agitation towards the troop if they misunderstand them anyhow. The units are not specific for the task as details of the mission are still in finalization stages. But the main consideration is that with such crowd, any illegal invasion or smuggling may occur on the way.

The caravan has got 1000 miles yet to travel to reach the border of the United States, however, if they manage to have a bus or any drivable vehicle, it would still take a week at least to reach the border.

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