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9 successful Valentine’s day promotion ideas for small businesses

Do you know Valentine day is $18.9 billion holiday? The love festival of the year gives retail markets a great business because of the purchases made by couples. Valentine’s is not just a festival for jewellers and florists. In fact, every small business can take advantage of this holiday by offering unique promotions and exciting Valentine’s day promotions that appeal to their audience. The love fest is valuable to businesses of all sizes.  So to help your small business make a good profit this Valentine’s, we’ve rounded up a few marketing strategies, let’s have a look:

Offer special discounts to your loyal customers:

To show your appreciation to existing customers, offer them a special deep discount. It should be more than you offer your every other customer. For instance, 50% off a single item on valentine’s day.

Charm your audience with email marketing:

The benefits of email marketing are known by all. And if you’re like most of the other small businesses, you’re probably doing some form of email marketing. But have you begun your holiday-themed email marketing campaign? If not, then begin with some interesting email subject lines that play on the theme of love and romance or explicitly mention Valentine’s day. Make sure your email body matches your subject line. Be creative but be clear about your offerings for Valentine’s day.

Fill love everywhere:

If you own a retail store or a small cafe/restaurant, then make sure you decorate the entire ambience with paper hearts and cupids. You can also change the theme of your decoration with the days of Valentine week. Not only will this create an air of festivity but your shoppers will also get attracted towards your outlet and are likely to make some purchases.

Offer some love combos:

Combos are a great way to increase sales. Choose a few products that are relevant to the festival and package them as a bundle. This way you can even bundle a popular item with the one that is not selling well. This way you’ll see more people pick up the bundles as an added value item, they would buy them separately. So focus on big combos this year.

Send a loving promotion via text:

In the modern era of today, cell phones are in everyone’s hand. They are in reach of everyone at every single period of time.  So why not use this to your advantage by sending promotions as a text message. For Valentine’s day consider the Buy 2 Get 1 scheme. A fast casual restaurant can offer two meals at the cost of one or can offer two desserts at the cost of one. Send a promotion text to your loved ones and make sure to add Valentine’s day in the text.

Run a campaign on social media:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram all support polls. Love themed polls are a great way to attract customers to your retail stores. Apart from Twitter, you can also create visual polls where your audience doesn’t need to do much aside from selecting one or two options. Instead of running a single poll, you can create a series of themed polls starting either from the beginning of February or from 7th onwards.

Create Love through blog posts:

Content is the ruler and when it comes to marketing it is above all. Spread your love via words all over the internet and let the lovers know your offerings. There are many platforms on Web where you can post your content for free. So take advantage of these platforms and post useful and insightful content promoting your Valentine offerings.

Partner with other small business:

This is a very effective way to increase sales. There are many businesses in the market who are not your direct competitors. Such business can tie up and get benefit from one another. For example, online florists can bond with online bakeries and gift shops or Nail salons can pair with hair salons. Always pair with your complementary businesses and not to your direct competitors.

Show some love to singles also:

Not everyone is in a relationship and it is important to keep this thing in mind during your Valentine promotions. So when you are busy addressing couples, make sure you show some love to your single customers as well. Either offer some special deals for singles or create some offers for everyone.

Holidays and celebrations give businesses a chance to grow and by implementing effective marketing strategies, small businesses can make the most of such festivities. Read More articles at Storify News

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