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A Glimpse of Green Living at Altius

Welcome to Altius !!

Explore an incredible green living experience at this splendid township…..

As you will enter the township from the main gate, the striking roadways will take you to the parking place, which is ostentatious. The ground and first level of the building are utilized for parking, which aids in escalating the building’s green cover and thereby reducing the carbon footprints. The parking space is equipped with chargers for electronic vehicles, promoting a more viable and eco-friendly option for transportation.

Altius is equipped with CPCB compliant power backup, which ensures lowest emissions as per the guidelines of CPCB. The diesel generators utilized are top quality generators ensuring low sound and low carbon emission. The capacitive power generators are also ISI rated, ensuring compliant usage. A complete green living experience is rendered.

The living space in Altius is designed to ensure that sufficient daylight fills in the rooms. The rooms are brighter than ever, which aids in reducing the use of artificial lights, thereby reducing the carbon footprints.

In Altius, complete measures are taken to minimize the water wastage. The grey water is treated and utilized for various purposes like flushing, landscaping as well as road and car washing. Every drop of water is saved and only recycled or treated water is used for landscaping purpose.

Altius is delivering a complete green living experience by installing an onsite organic waste treatment facility. Employing this facility, the organic waste from kitchens and landscapes can be converted into useful manure, which can be further utilized for landscape purpose.

Various arrangements for water conservation including rainwater harvesting are employed to save and utilize the water till the last drop. Rainwater collection units are deployed on the roof as well as on the ground, from where the collected water is fed to the reservoir.  The collected rainwater is filtered and then used for indoor as well as landscaping purposes.

Each home at Altius is equipped with water-efficient fixtures to save and conserve water. An approximate 45 % higher water saving is achieved as compared to conventional water fixtures.

An ultimate green living experience can be unleashed by owning a home in Altius. Just explore this incredible green living experience by opting home in Altius.

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