A Stepwise Guide To become a Fashion Designer in 2020


Do you know that the first-ever fashion show was held over 20 years ago in the country? This implies that the fashion industry in India is fairly young brimming with several opportunities for aspiring fashion designers

The word ‘fashion’ brings images of glamour and creative details along with it. Becoming a fashion designer requires a love for designing clothes, a good eye for detail, strong visualisation skills and many other skills. 

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What skills are needed to become a fashion designer?

Creative and artistic ability

Fashion designers are required to brainstorm and sketch the initial design ideas according to a specific theme which is used to create prototypes. Hence, you must be able to express what you visualised through illustrations. 

how to become a successful fashion designer
Creative and artistic ability to become a fashion designer

An eye for detail

To be a fashion designer, you must have a good eye for the minutest of details and differences in colours, patterns, fabrics and textures. For example, you must be able to spot different shades and tints of a hue. 

Decision-making skills

As a fashion designer, you’ll be working in teams mostly. Hence, you will be exposed to many ideas and creative possibilities. Therefore, you will have to master the art of deciding which ideas can be incorporated into designs. 

how to become a fashion designer without a degree
Decision-making skills to become a fashion designer

Communication skills

Since fashion designers often work in teams, they must be able to communicate effectively with the team members. Hence, you must hone skills to communicate with your prospective team members through the design process from sourcing of the fabrics to get the garment sewed. 

Here is how to become a fashion designer

Read about fashion

Before starting on the journey to pursue a career in fashion, it is essential to read to have a basic understanding and knowledge of the history of the industry. There are many insightful books, journals, and magazines on the subject of fashion. Reading will help you gain a broad view of today’s fashion system. Moreover, it will help develop a fashion terminology that will be helpful to stay ahead of others when you pursue a fashion design course. 

Pursue a degree course in fashion 

Though the fashion industry is filled with opportunities, however, it is quite competitive out there. Hence, to set a firm foot in the industry, it is vital to hone the skills through a degree course. IIAD is one of the most popular design colleges where you’ll learn about figure drawing, pattern making and get an understanding of colours, fabrics and textures. Pursuing a fashion designing course will not only help to develop practical skills but will allow working with renowned industry professionals as well. 

how to become a fashion designer at 15
Pursue a degree course in fashion to become a fashion designer

Get hands-on experience

To sharpen your skills needed to execute a design from a visual idea to a finished product, you need to practice in the real world. This implies you need to get hands-on experience by opting for a fashion internship. It will help you build contacts at a very initial stage that will come handy when you actually start out as a fashion designer. Moreover, it will offer you an opportunity to take up essential and creative skills on a first-hand basis. 

Build a portfolio

A portfolio shows the work you’ve done while demonstrating your creative sensibility, visual and creative skills. When you attend a fashion designing course, you’ll be working on assignments that can be included in your portfolio. Furthermore, the fashion industry works on portfolios. Later, whenever you interview at a fashion house, they’ll check your portfolio first. Hence, it is vital to have a portfolio. 

Attending formal education serves as a helping hand to develop or polish the skills needed to be a successful fashion designer.  You can opt for a fashion design courses from the leading design institute, IIAD. With a wide range of teaching and learning strategies, students at IIAD are imparted with knowledge and skills to help them start their journey to become a fashion designer. 

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