Adults are banned from wearing costumes at Disney Parks


Coming to Disney parks US

The famous Disney parks in the world are Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Disney California Adventure Park, Walt Disney World Resort. 

There are so many fun things children and adults can do over there that will make their Disney holidays entertaining and magical. There are a number of theme parks over there with the splendid resorts, fine dining and one thing that cannot be forgotten that it is a fun spot too. 

One can enjoy activities like magic kingdom rides in the Pirates of the Caribbean park, best Epcot rides, the twilight -themed terror ride, water parks, typhoon lagoon, holiday fests, dine at Epcot’s World Showcase, Illuminations, Bibbidi Boppiti Boutique, fantasy parades, boating, Golf, Campfire, happily ever after shows etc. 

If these thrilled places provide these amazements, it also comes with a number of rules and norms which are must to be followed by every visitor. 

There are various changes made almost every year in the Disney parks. Like at D23 Expo 2019, It has been announced by the Experiences and Products Chairman Bob Chapek that Disney will soon be going to introducing mesmeric storytelling to life for the upcoming generation. He also announced that soon cruise ships will be the new addition to this amusement park. There is a list of some fantastic changes and innovations coming on the way of Disney parklands around 2020. 

Likewise, a rule has been passed out recently in the Disney parks US that the adults are banned from wearing the costumes and Disney themed dresses at the park. 

In fact, it was highly encouraged at the parks that visitors can make a purchase of the Disney dresses and flaunt them. Even the visitors could also purchase the Disney makeovers for their kids like the beautiful hairstyles, authentic costumes, pro makeup. This trend is still going on over there but one thing that have put the kibosh on the prevailing rule of adults wearing the Disney dresses. 

The kids who are 14 years older, they are not supposed to be dressed up in Disney costumes as per the Disney Park rule-book. Any adult seen wearing the Disney apparels or masks above 14 years of age will not be allowed to enter the Disney Amusement park. Apart from this, there are some exceptions to this rule that above 14s can taste the aura of wearing the Disney costumes at certain occasions like “Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party. But that so descriptions will be given the invitation cards and the employees also will follow the dress code for such occasions. 

What is a Disney Costume?

It’s a bit difficult to ped down. The people are allowed to wear masks if there is any medical need for example if the person is not well. Tutus, but wigs, iconic mouse ears are acceptable under the Disney- approved dress rules.

What is the reason behind this rule?

The main reason behind this modification is two-fold. Firstly, it is for safety purposes because the visitors are not allowed to wear anything on their face with which their face will be covered as people can take advantage of this thing. Nobody is allowed to wear anything resembling with weapons and this rule is also applicable at the times of events and occasions. No villainous props are permitted. This is obviously for safety purposes. 

The second reason behind this is if the adults will be wearing the Disney dresses that the whole charm of the Disney official characters will be ruined and disillusioned. For example, if the women will wear the Cinderella dresses and run around dressed like Cinderella in the park, the customers will get confused with the Disney’s official princesses with the normal women wearing the Cinderella costumes. 

So, does that indicate that the women and the guys out there will not have any chance to enjoy the spirit of their favorite Disney cast and characters when they will head towards the Disney amusement park? The answer is no because one of the devoted Disney fans Leslie Kay introduced a new trend that the Disney dreamers will love to follow which is called Disney Bounding.

With this, the adults may not be getting a chance to wear the official Disney costumes but they can wear the non-costume dresses inspired by their favorite characters. For example, the Disney-merchandise embellishments, color schemes or the other exceptional traits of the Disney cast of characters the adults want to follow. In other words, it means the adults can enjoy the magic of experiencing the Disney parks by dressing up in a non-costume outfit without breaking the Disney rules. 

So might be the person cannot dress like Princess Jasmine or Elsa but yes, they can wear that ice-colored sassy prestige dress, the Jasmine wears in the series considering the DIY ideas on the internet. 

Some other facts about this rule – 

  • While the costumes are not to be worn by the guests above 14 years of age but some outfits are permitted which are inspired by Star Wars. 
  • Wearing masks are restricted. However, some masks are allowed to be worn at events such as Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. 
  • The clothing with dirty language or graphics is totally restricted. 
  • The excessively torn clothes are not permitted to be worn. 
  • The clothing which exposes a lot which may not be favorable for the family environment are totally prohibited. 
  • Abhorrent tattoos not allowed. 


Cosplaying has made the way to this new rule. If a person is a diehard fan of Disney World, then Disney bounding is must-try for those fans. With Disney bounding the fans can dress up in a stylish and stunning everyday Disney outfits created by their own self to wave around in their favorite Disney costumes. Disney Bounding is a sophisticated and more forward- fashion way to show the love for Disney world. So, try out and get set go with the new DIY Disney dressing Ideas available on the internet. Just as the students take assignment help online from various assignment helping websites. Similarly, the Disney fans can take help from internet in designing their great Disney-themed apparels to enjoy the charm and aura of Disney Amusement parks. 

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Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi
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