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Are Online Casinos Finally Winning the Race?

One question that many gamblers have asked themselves at some point of their lives is whether they should visit a land-based casino or try their luck at the plethora of online casino sites that can be found on the internet. Needless to say, both aspects of the gambling industry have pros and cons which means that while the choice of the best one would be subjective, there is certainly not a clear-cut answer. However, as mentioned above, the choice is subjective and, as it stands, online casinos seem to have a clear lead when it comes to popularity and this is very telling about how good the services offered by the sites are and how willing the gamblers are to overlook some of their flaws.

Now that we have ascertained that online casinos are indeed leading the race it is important to break down why and how this is the case, especially considering the fact that the traditional land-based casinos are still attracting thousands of gamblers each and every month. In essence, the factors that give online casinos a lead over regular land-based gambling can be attributed to player perceptions but this is slowly progressing and now online casinos have generated the same or even greater revenues than land-based casinos. Here are some of the reasons why:

The Low Costs

While the proliferation of the activity is usually associated with minimal tax revenue for jurisdictions that have legalized it, online casino operations often attract less expenses compared to brick and mortar casinos. As such, online casinos are definitely winning the race in as far as attracting investments is concerned – the implication here is that online casinos are considered to be better investments in the current era since they produce larger returns.

Well, land-based casinos still make lots of money every year but the market is dominated by established casino brands and this makes new ventures almost impossible to hack. Even when there is an opportunity for the establishment of the physical casinos, the operators have to factor in costs of construction, space, licensing and hundreds of workers to man the gaming floors. On the flip side, a good number of the expenses that accompany the establishment of these physical casinos are shed off when the operation moves to the online space.

Accessibility and Convenience

These are some of the main reasons why online casinos are such a big deal among gamblers these days. To begin with, since all that is required is a decent internet connection and a modern communication device (computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets), gamblers can access gaming services right from the comforts of their homes. Not only does this dispel the need to dress up and drive to a gambling joint but it also allows customers to squeeze in short gaming sessions at whichever point of the day that they may wish to. In addition to that, unlike land-based casinos, jumping from one game to the next is all made possible with the click of a button. Now that is hard to beat.

More recently, thanks to innovation in mobile and communication technologies, players are even able to enjoy the live casino gaming experience from wherever they may be. Does it get any better than that? You can find some of the best online casinos that offer great live casino games on this website.

Unmatched Variety

This is one area where most of the top online casinos have their land-based counterparts completely beat. Where land-based casinos are physically limited as to the amount of games they can have on site, online casinos do not have this issue. Online casinos have taken advantage of this exceptionally well by not only presenting customers with literally thousands of casino games and slot machines but also by delivering tailored experiences that deliver the exact same game that a customer has played at a land-based casino.

Even though this may not be a big deal for customers who are only interested in one kind of game, it is always good to be able to have a lot of options that you can choose from when you feel like delving into something new. Besides, even that specific game that you like may be available in several different innovative and unique variants – there is no better place to find them than in an online casino.

Bonuses and Extra Perks

Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos tend to be more aggressive when it comes to customer acquisition and this always plays out in favor of the consumers who are then treated to a selection of mind-boggling welcome bonuses and super-exciting promotions. In addition to these, they also offer some of the most lucrative loyalty programs to keep rewarding loyal players.

And Then There Is Crypto

The gambling industry has been one of the key beneficiaries of the vast number of benefits that came along with the rapid growth of digital currencies, blockchain technology, and decentralized applications. Over the past few years, a decent number of the available online gaming sites have started accepting digital currencies or assets as a means of payment. This has partly been facilitated by the universal nature of cryptocurrencies as well as the larger slice of anonymity that accompany them. In essence, now players can gamble without necessarily leaving a trail of their activities on the internet and this is certainly a great selling point for many online casinos.

Cryptocurrencies are considered to be the future of e-commerce and online transactions and with the rapid growth of online casinos, it is safe to say that the two are perfect partners for each other. As a matter of fact, as more people continue to adopt digital currencies, many more crypto-friendly casinos continue to emerge. This is one battle that brick-and-mortar casinos are definitely going to have a hard time winning.

Our Verdict

So, are online casinos winning the race? With all that has been mentioned above, it would be pointless to say otherwise. Land-based casinos are still an integral part of the gambling culture but it would be bizarrely unrealistic to believe that they will be able to live up to what online casinos will have to offer in the near future.


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