What to Expect from an Asian Massage


Asian massage, also known as the traditional massage, originated in the Far East and has since spread to other countries. The practice involves using the hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to manipulate the soft tissues of the body through a variety of techniques that include both passive and active movements to reduce stress and muscle tension as well as improve circulation in order to achieve physical and mental relaxation.

To prepare for an Asian massage session, make sure you’re comfortable by changing into loose-fitting clothing and removing any jewelry or other accessories that may get in the way of your massage experience.

Asian Massage : Understanding the Benefits

There are a number of reasons why so many people enjoy visiting professional massage therapists. There is a tremendous amount of research showing that regular massages can help promote feelings of wellness and well-being, but there are some specific benefits associated with getting them in Asia.

Most therapists will be trained in various styles or techniques, so it’s important to keep your expectations realistic and let them know what you prefer before beginning treatment. The more detailed you can be about your preferences and needs, the better off you’ll be when it comes time for treatment.

Once you meet with your therapist, you’ll likely have one of two types of sessions: Swedish massage or Shiatsu (which uses hand pressure). Both offer different benefits so it depends on your personal preference.

Things to Know Before Booking Asian Massage

Choosing a massage can be a tricky experience. There are many massage options available today that you may not be familiar with and it’s easy to feel intimidated by all of them.

Before you book your next appointment, it’s important that you educate yourself on what different types of massages offer and what might be best for your needs.

Different massage techniques can provide very different experiences, so it’s important that you understand what each one is like before making a decision.

If booking online, make sure that there is enough information available about each option so that you know exactly what each type involves and how they might affect your body during treatment.

Before Receiving Treatment

Prepare for your treatment by eating lightly, exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water. It’s also a good idea to schedule your treatment for when you are feeling relaxed and energized. Once you arrive at our spa, please make yourself comfortable in one of our robes while we check you in at reception.

You will then be guided into a private room where our therapist will greet you with a handshake and ask some general questions about your medical history. While most treatments are pleasant and relaxing, they can also cause mild discomfort; it is therefore important that we gain as much information as possible regarding any health issues or injuries that may be bothering you.

During Treatment

In Asian massage, you will be lying face down and fully clothed. Your hands should remain at your sides for most of your session, but do let your massage therapist know if it is too painful or uncomfortable.

The therapist may adjust their technique during treatment as a result. Be aware that sometimes tissue manipulation can cause some temporary pain and blood pressure changes in those with cardiovascular issues, so if you suffer from either condition or think you might, inform your therapist.

You should be aware that during certain parts of a Thai massage—and even after—you may feel pressure on your genitals because therapists use their elbows and knees to manipulate different areas of body. To avoid feeling embarrassed by these sensations, try not to tense up; instead relax and breathe normally through any feelings of discomfort that occur.

After Treatment

Relaxation – Many massage therapists will tell you that proper breathing is essential to massaging. To start, when your masseuse places her hands on you for treatment, focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth as she works out knots or stiffness in muscle groups throughout your body.

It’s also important not to move around too much – just lie there and let her work her magic! You can help facilitate healing by relaxing during treatments and breathing fully.


You might not even realize you’re in a massage place if you don’t see anyone there: The massage treatment room is often separated by a curtain or, in some cases, a bamboo or paper partition. You should always let your therapist know if there are any areas that are particularly sensitive or painful, and be aware of what your masseuse is doing at all times.

As with any kind of massage therapy—whether it’s Thai, deep tissue, Swedish or something else—there is risk for injury associated with it. Again: Let your masseuse know about any issues beforehand.

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