Which is The Best College in India for Fashion Designing


Best Fashion Designing Colleges in India : After class 12th your life might seem a little haywire, choosing from so many options can be a bit tricky. Sometimes you don’t want to pursue the field you once chose from class 11th onwards. But if you are someone who has a creative bent of mind and can stay up till 4 am in the morning to complete your assignments, then designing might be an excellent opportunity for you! Some People think that courses like design and fashion might not require a lot of effort and dedication like other vocational courses or they might think, design or arts is a “hobby” and not a serious profession. But you can do so much with a Bachelor’s degree in Design and fashion like fashion design, interior design, jewellery design and many more. But then the question arises, what is the best fashion design colleges in India? Well worry no more, we have got you covered.

  • Indian Institute of Art & DesignIndian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD) is a leading design institution in New Delhi that offers three year full-time  rigorous Bachelor degree programmes in collaboration with Kingston University, London. Recognized in the industry for its creative excellence, IIAD provides an ideal environment for fashion students in terms of Industry exposure, classroom learnings, projects and placements. The  institute offers plenty of opportunities for talented, hard working and enthusiastic people.
  • National Institute of Design – Established in 1961, it’s the centre for design education and research since then. They aim to create designers of the 21st century who are aware of the recent trends and work accordingly. They do a thorough analysis in the areas of design, also help designers get placed in good organisations and help them create a place for themselves. The institute’s client servicing team facilitates students in getting involved with real-life projects, which in turn adds value to the upcoming professionals giving them a taste of actual situations.
  • Pearl Academy– The institution has been active since the last 25 years, it is globally renowned and focuses on internationalism, entrepreneurship and employability. The academy is adapting to the fast-growing changes and keep their students updated with their courses, seminars and events. In case of any confusion, you can also get connected to their alumni through different social media platforms for guidance. Their faculty is top notch and have the required skill set. They have a variety of courses like fashion designing, fashion media communication, interior design, image consultant and many more. It is one of the best fashion designing institute in India.
  • NIFT– The institute has been around 1986, is a pioneer in fashion education. It was made a statutory institute in 2006 by an Act of the Indian Parliament with the President of India as ‘Visitor’ and has campuses all across the country. The degree awarded to the students of NIFT is recognised worldwide.
  • Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology– Formed in 1996, they have their campus at Bangalore, and they focus on teaching fashion and art in an environment that oozes creativity. They have solid values like equity, social justice, inclusivity and many more. They believe in pushing people out of their comfort zones and get transformational outcomes. They also provide a varied of courses in fashion and art.

In the end, there are many career opportunities after you are done with your graduation in designing and fashion. A course like this, you also have the scope of self-employment. It makes you industry-ready as a specialist in design.

Erric Ravi
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