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Bigg Boss 12 Day 10 LIVE Updates: Jasleen Matharu has a special surprise for Anup Jalota

Bigg Boss 12 Day 10 LIVE Updates: The controversial reality is slowly picking up the pace in tracing all the real colours of the contestants, on the previous episode, we saw how the couples’ team had crossed all boundaries during the luxury budget task and tortured the singles. Even though he wasn’t playing Sreesanth lost his calm and lashed out and Dipika Kakar and Karanvir Bohra, get emotional later in the night.

In today’s episode, according to the preview, it seems that the singles will be making war against the couples with ice-water and chilli water, on the other hand, Dipika received the earth of the housemates including Shivashish and Jasleen Matharu.

Here are all the LIVE updates: 

10:05: In tomorrow’s episode Shivashish Mishra and Karanvir Bohra get into an intensive fight while Jasleen Matharu showers some love over boyfriend Anup Jalota.

09:55: Urvashi Vani criticises about other housemates with Deepak. Dipika confides in Nehha Pendse that she is being targetted in the house. Anup Jalota talks about being a part of the task and Jasleen tells him that he wouldn’t have been targetted out of respect.

09:45: Dipika Kakar knows that she is the target of the jodis. Dipika and Jasleen have become the new rivals of the house. While Dipika feels vulnerable, Jasleen feels Dipika is targetting her. Besides, Anup Jalota thinks that Urvashi and Deepak are too emotional.

09:35: Shivashish Mishra and Karanvir Bohra break into a fight with a war of words. Bigg Boss announces that the singles team wins in the task. Jasleen gets disappointed over Dipika’s behaviour.

09:25: The task begins to heat up as Somi Khan gives the ring and Romil lashes out at Dipika while Sristy Neha Pendse has a fight at the opposite team. Jasleen becomes the next kaidi in the luxury budget task and gives away the ring. Jasleen Matharu lashes out at Dipika Kakar after the luxury task.

09:15: Karanvir Bohra narrates the new task, with again singles against couples. While others discuss their strategy. On the other hand, Bigg Boss said that Sreesanth will not be part of the game anymore.

09:05: A Bigg Boss housemates wake up to the song Hum Bhi Hai Josh Mei, Somi Khan and Srishty Rode are having a fun conversation in the house while other members are discussing the task.

08:45: The Bigg Boss 12 day 10 is going to start and it seems that after the couples thrashed the singles during the luxury budget task, the vichitra couples will be singling out the singles.

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