Bigg Boss 12 Live Updates Day 56 November 10, 2018 – Weekend Ka Vaar


Karanvir Bohra finally became the captain of the Bigg Boss 12house over the week and Dipika Kakar Ibrahim, who had forged alliances to make sure it happens, was happy. But Salman Khan scolded her on Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar because she was also the sanchalak for the captaincy task which decided KV’s fate and he stated that she was not neutral. She took over the title of ‘worst sanchalak of the century’ from Shivashish Mishra, according to Salman Khan. The host then asked the contestants to decide on who is the worst ‘gunehgar’ of the week and the majority of the contestants named Dipika. She too nominated herself and that meant she had to go to the torture room. She was slapped by the robot with a dead fish.

Four people are nominated for eviction this week: Somi Khan, Surbhi Rana, Romil Chaudhary and Deepak Thakur. But Salman Khan did not reveal who will have to leave the house this week. He stated that the big reveal will happen on Sunday night’s episode.

Bigg Boss gave the four nominated contestants the chance to name one other person they think should have been nominated instead of them. Deepak chose Jasleen Matharu, Somi chose Shivashish, Surbhi chose Rohit while Romil named Srishty Rode. Each of the chosen ones got slathered in ice cold water, cow dung, wheat flour and rotten tomatoes. Salman told them that their choices were correct, expect Romil’s choice of Srishty.

Salman scolded Deepak and Surbhi for the personal remarks they made against Jasleen. The duo apologised to her.

Preity Zinta competed in a dance face off with Salman and ended up winning the contest.

Here are the live updates from Bigg Boss 12:

10:12 pm: Salman Khan teases tomorrow’s episode
Someone will get immunity on Sunday night. Who will it be? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

10:12 pm: Preity Zinta has a task for the contestants
She divides them into two teams. They have to entertain Preity with stories and performances. The team that wins the task will get the chance to escape from nominations in the upcoming week.

9:49 pm: Preity Zinta in a dance off with Salman
Preity Zinta comes in to promote Bhaiaji Superhit.
The two enter a compettion where they have to recognise hok steps of famous songs.
Preity demonstrates first and Salman guesses Bhumro correctly
Salman demonstrates and Preity almost guesses Dhik Tana correctly.
Preity goes next and stamps her foot aggressively on the stage, to mimic Sunny Deol in Yaara o yaara
Salman goes next and Preity gets it right – Chalti hai kya nau se barah
Preity gives Salman a difficult one, to test his ‘current affairs’ knowledge. He doesn’t get Sleepy Sleepy Akhiyan, which is from her upcoming film, Bhaiyyaji Superhit.
This means Preity wins the competition.
The two then dance to their song Aate Jaate Jo Milta Hai Tumsa Lagta Hai from Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega.

Time for Preity to enter the Bigg Boss 12 house

9:39 pm: Who is the biggest gunehgaar?
Salman asks the contestants who they think is the biggest gunehgaar of the week. Everyone, including KV, nominates Dipika. Even Dipika nominates herself. But Shivashish and Sreesanth nominate each other.
Time for Dipika to head to the torture room, where she will get slapped by a dead fish.

9:31 pm: Salman congratulates Karanvir, scolds Dipika
Whom will you credit your victory in the captaincy task to, he asks KV. KV credits Rohit, but Surbhi says that the credit should go to Dipika. But she got Somi out in the first round. KV had accepted defeat too but Dipika still declared him winner.
Salman says that Dipika has changed the way the sanchalak does the job. She is like the umpire who declares a batsman not out even though he is ready to walk.
How many drops of water were left in the bowl, he asks her.
Dipika says everyone agreed with me that time that there was one spoon of water left. But now everyone is saying it wasn’t that way.

Surbhi says that it was Dipika’s calculated decision to make KV captain. Dipika says that she is just being herself and did not calculate anything.
Salman says that she had done what she wanted to do but in the process, she has lost her sense of right and wrong.
Dipika says she did not monitor the task with the intention of being partial towards KV.

9:24 pm: New mastermind in the house?
Salman brings up the issue between Sreesanth and Deepak. He also tells Romil that his title of mastermind has been taken over by Sreesanth. And reveals how Sreesanth managed to break up Happy Club.

Megha advises Srishty that Rohit is the one who is getting the advantage of being seen with her in the house and she gets nothing from it.

9:20 pm: Salman slams Deepak over his comments to Jasleen
Salman asks Deepak who gave him the right to make personal comments about someone’s private life. When you start crying when someone insults, but you did character assassination and that is worse than insulting someone, Salman tells Deepak. He also slams Surbhi for supporting Deepak, says ”it was very sad”. You should have scolded him, he says. He praises Romil for trying to subside the topic and not let it move ahead.
Jasleen reveals that Surbhi and everyone else are taunting her over the fact that Anup Jalota had left her.
Surbhi says that she was wrong, and she has apologised to Jasleen and apologises again. Deepak also apologises and Surbhi promises such a thing will not happen again.

9:15 pm: Salman pulls up contestants over their alternate names
Salman says the task during which they had to choose the people who should have been nominated, the names they had chosen were right — except for Romil’s choice of Srishty. You should have chosen someone else, he tells Romil, but Romil defends his choice and explains why he chose Srishty.

9:13 pm: Salman meets the contestants
Salman wishes them a Happy Diwali, and Sreesanth a belated Happy Birthday. Salman even praises Karanvir Bohra’s outfit, claims he got it stitched from the sofa cover his wife had sent him.
Salman jokes with Deepak about him not getting the idea of giving up his video chance for Somi – something Romil had done over the week.

Are you really irritated by Deepak, Salman asks Somi. He keeps singing songs, she says.

9:09 pm: Nominees take revenge
As part of task, the four nominated contestants have to choose the person they think should have been nominated instead of them. Deepak Thakur says instead of him, Jasleen Matharu should have been nominated. She is dunked in ice cold water, dung, rotten tomatoes and flour. Somi Khan chooses Shivashish who then gets the same treatment. Surbhi chooses Rohit while Romil names Srishty Rode.

Surbhi tells Romil that he should not have named Srishty.

Jasleen tells Romil that she didn’t deserve to be named.

9:05 pm: Srishty vs Sreesanth
Salman praises Romil for his kind gesture towards Somi. Srishty gets upset with Sreesanth and yells at him to not transfer his bad mood to her.

9 pm: Time for Bigg Boss

8:30 pm: Worst sanchalak of the century?
Salman Khan is upset with Dipika Kakar Ibrahim, says she has beaten Shivashish’s record of worst sanchalak of the century. Naturally, it becomes her turn to go to the torture room. Uh oh. Will this change her relationship with Karanvir?

8 pm: Contestants rate Sreesanth
The residents of Bigg Boss 12 house are told to rate how good a captain Sreesanth was. There is a huge board played in which they have to show their decisions. Do you think he will get a good rating?

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