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Here Is All You Want To Know About The Upcoming Fifth Season Of Black Mirror

Black Mirror Season 5 : If you have had the opportunity to see Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, you have witnessed something that has never made in the entirety of human history. It was because of Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones that this mind-bending and interactive movie Bandersnatch was shown to the world. However, the duo are not stopping here. The year 2019 is all set to receive yet another season and a series of episodes of Black Mirror debuting slightly later this year.

Brooker told in an interview that Bandersnatch felt like they were doing several shows at once which is true. The movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch had multiple endings all depending upon what the user wishes to choose as the story progresses. Charlie also said that the next season’s five episodes are pretty straight forwnetflard but they all have their own challenges.

Black Mirror Season 5Release Date on Netflix?

Well, no solid date as of now. Brooker said in an interview that the five episodes are imminent-ish after the release of Bandersnatch. Although, any official release date has not been revealed by Netflix, Brooker said that most of the filming work on the new episodes is done. So we can expect it to drop anytime later 2019.

He also mentioned that they shot one of the episode of the fifth season prior to Bandersnatch, and at one point of time they were thinking to include Bandersnatch into the fifth season of Black Mirror. However, it was Netflix that suggested them to make Bandersnatch as its own. It was when Bandersnatch turned into a standalone movie, that it got bigger and more mind-bending.

However, Netflix is great at dropping bombs at the very last moment. They did that with Bandersnatch when they released the date for it just days before its actual release on their platform. They may attempt the same trick with the fifth season as well.

Is there a trailer for Season 5?

Not yet. Neither Netflix nor the makers have revealed any date for the trailer release. Bandersnatch trailer was released just a few days before the actual release. So, we fans have time to wait.

Who is in the cast of Black Mirror Season 5?

As much as the release date of Black Mirror Season 5 is kept a secret, the cast list is closely guarded as well. However, a few names have slipped here and there. The first one being Miley Cyrus. The singer-actress have been rumored to appear in the fifth season for quite a long time now. She herself has dropped hints several times regarding her being a part of Black Mirror.

The next few names include Anthony Mackie from Avengers: Infinity War and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II from Aquaman. Both the actors comes from the biggest superhero movie franchises out there. Anthony is famous for his role as Falcon in Captain America series and last two parts of Avengers. Whereas, Yahya is well-known for his antagonist role as Black Manta in Aquaman.

Will there be more choose your own adventure series like Bandersnatch?

Brooker said that although he has pretty much ideas about such series, he doesn’t see any of it in Black Mirror any time soon. The plot of Bandersnatch was aligned to be that way. Charlie also said that there are repercussions while trying to make an interactive episode because anyone who wishes to opt for the format would have to deal with it.

Brooker further added that since it’s interactive, users can never forget that they are there. The episode constantly reminds the viewers that you exist.

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