Turkey-Syria Earthquakes: Death Toll, Rescue Missions and a Look at the Damage Caused

The recent high-intensity earthquakes in Turkey and Syria caused plenty of devastation. Help has poured in from many parts of the world, but the damage has been caused and efforts are in place to swiftly undertake rescue missions. Read on to learn more about the disaster.

Rise in Death Toll to 19,300 in Turkey-Syria Earthquake, Many Still Trapped Under Debris

"19,300 Dead and Thousands Homeless After Devastating Turkey-Syria Earthquake: A Call for Aid" The recent 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria has resulted in...

Over 2,300 Dead in ‘Most Powerful In A Century’ Earthquake on Turkey-Syria Border

"Istanbul, Turkey - A devastating earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale struck the border region between Turkey and Syria on Tuesday, killing over...