China Ready To Respond If US Deploys Missiles In Region – Arms Race Feared


A Chinese military official said on Tuesday that Beijing would not stand idly if the United States proceed with deploying intermediate-range missiles in the Indo-Pacific region. 

Last weekend, the US defense secretary said while in Sydney, that he would like to place these missiles in Asia. Whereas Australia’s defense minister has already said that the country will never be a base for the missiles. 

It was unclear when US plans on putting these missiles in place, but according to one senior official, it would be years away. The comments by US defense secretary were made after US withdrew from an arms control treaty with Russia. A senior official said that Russia was in a breach of the treaty and took no measures to come back to compliance. 

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On other other hand, Moscow accused the US to be in breach of the treaty and asked for the evidence of its violation. The chief arms control officer in China, Fu Cong, warned neighbouring countries to not let US deploy such missiles on their territory. 


He also said that China has no interest in entering into a trilateral arms deal with Russia and the US but would remain a part in disarmament discussions. 

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Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi
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