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Choose and Customize from the Plethora of Activities in Chengdu to create your own China Adventure

Many tourists today are choosing different and unique locations to feed the inner traveler in them. Whether it is a wildlife approach or a nature approach, these locations have a mixture of everything. If you are also not afraid to go out on your own, then why not lock down on China this vacation season? Not only will you get to travel in isolated places without the crowds of conventional tourist destinations, but also bring back a bag load of memories to cherish for the rest of your life.


Coming to the Chengdu Day Tour, admittedly, there are a lot of attractions on this site. In fact, so much so that most foreign travelers might be befuddled with the range of choices. To avoid this predicament, you best option is to hire a travel agency that organizes such trips. Once you make a booking with them, rest assured that they will handle everything else for you. Of course, if you have selected Chengdu to be your central approach, then you should know the kind of activities that are offered here. To choose wisely and avoid unnecessary costs, choose only the ones that you are actually interested in. To help you start, here a few to give you a basic idea:

  • Panda-centric Activities:

If you are solely looking for some time with pandas in their natural habitat, then you should not only go for a touristy visit to the Reserve but also further take up a volunteering program organized by CCRCGP. Here you will get to know about these endearing creatures in depth by working alongside an expert panda keeper. You can clean their enclosures, prepare their food and feed them too!

  • Cooking and Local Cuisine Classes:

Many people are not aware of this, but Southwest China, specifically Sichuan, is known for its amazing local cuisines. If you are a sedentary traveler like many, then you might want to immerse yourself in trying this. What’s more, you can also undertake any of the cooking programs that are offered here. A head chef will be appointed who will teach you how to make dishes that you have personally chosen to learn. If you are visiting with your family, you can also cook your own family dishes in addition to the classic items like dim sums, hotpot, etc. in the Family Cooking classes.

  • Activities for Avid Travelers:

If you are an avid traveler, or a history buff, do not miss the iconic historical locations here. Of all the places, you must visit the 70m Giant Buddha of Leshan which was carved out of a rock in a hill called Mount Linyun, the holy Taoist mountain Mount Qingcheng and the Dujianyan Irrigation system which built in 256 B.C. All of these sites have been named World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. If you have more time to spare, then you can also check out the ancient towns of Shuimo and Huanglongxi, which are famous for their natural serene beauty and old traditional architecture. The Jinsha Site Museum and the Sanxingdui Museum are also worth spending time in. With the rich deposits of Neolithic, Shang and Zhou civilization, these sites have become popular destinations for travelers and researchers alike.

So, if you want to chart out such China Adventure Tours, contact a travel agency and book your trip today!

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