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Companies in America take a Stand Against Donald Trump’s Transgender Policies

Recently The New York Times reported that the Trump administration is allegedly planning to legally redefine the term “gender” with a narrow connotation. Though the administration did not release any official statement, 56 companies based in America like the Google, Apple, Amazon, JP Morgan, Dow Chemical, Uber, Pepsi, American Airline, BNY Mellon, etc have signed a letter condemning the proposed changes to the definition of gender. The stand taken by the companies was in support of the transgender community and expressing solidarity.

The letter signed by these American companies called for “equality” and stood against the increasing legislative and administrative attempts to further marginalise the transgender and other third gender communities. These companies strongly condemned the administration alleged proposal to strip of the transgender and other third gender communities off the definition of gender in the letter they signed.

The companies signed the letter also included some international companies like Deutsche Bank and the Royal Bank of Canada. They asked for the administration to show some respect and transparency while framing policies.

These companies together voiced their concern against legal redefinition of the term “gender” and also assertively mentioned that “Equality is not a right for someone, but for all”. The mentioned that their workplaces and communities need to be diverse and welcoming for all, irrespective race, sex, nationality, religion or sexual orientation.

News reported by The New York Times sparked protests in New York and at the White House and people also come out in support of the transgender community and rallied for them.

The National Centre for Transgender Equality joined in to ascertain signatures from the companies for the letter.

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