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Bread-earning sans commitment is the future: Freelancing

Rosesh Gandhi, a resident of Vasai East, Thane, has all the time in the world for his family. This is not common with young professionals, who often work overtime to pave their career path. In Rosesh Gandhi’s case, he has given up the ‘secure’ nine-to-five hustle for freelancing.

It’s something that seems daunting, but trust Rosesh, it’s not.

Freelancing has bestowed him the advantage of flexible work timings, comfortable workplace, and a professional environment, aka, his own study.
Freelancing is catching up with the new batch of human resources readying themselves for 21st century’s second decade. One-third of the United States’ workforce have gone freelance, although they’re struggling to find projects. In India, the entrepreneurship boom has undone this tussle for freelancers. Businesses want to find individuals with specific skillsets.

Freelancers are skilled, affordable, and they do not suffer the burnout regular employees do.
Entrepreneurships just have to post their job details and ask for a resume along with a sample to hire freelancers. In fact, in a lot of cases, businesses oversee professional and academic qualifications, giving fresher the same opportunity an experienced professional has.

Freelancers associated with Connecting All India (CAI), a lead database provider, state creative freedom as one of the major pros. They’re free from office drama and constant incursions from managers. Freelancers also enjoy the prospect of establishing themselves as renowned consultants once they’re experienced in the field. Consultants rarely have to scavenge the internet for work as opportunities approach them first.

Being a free agent has its downsides. However, if you’re disciplined and industrious, the difficulties of freelancing will rarely come your way. Most of these independent professionals are dragged down by their own procrastination and laziness. They’re unable to work because they are too comfortable in their bubble. Sometimes a freelancer may even run into an illegitimate enterprise that cheats them of their hard work.

The first rule every budding freelancer should learn, is to associate himself/herself with a legitimate platform that provides honest pay for honest work, like CAI. Freelancers can also register with platforms like Lorem, a company that ‘brings you jobs and gets you paid’. There are several such websites that ensure a freelancer’s security.
Freelancing is a scary course to take. There’ll be hurdles that’ll shake your faith on the self-employment system. But, once you extend your roots deep down, you’ll be happier than the average nine-to-five slogger.

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