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Cop Killer in Trump’s Video Came Back to the U.S. during Bush Administration

Yesterday Donald Trump had shared a video on his official twitter handle which was about comparing an immigrant cop-killer to members of migrant caravan heading to the U.S. It also falsely showed that Democrats are purely responsible for his presence in America.

The video was blaming the democrats for letting Lui Barcamontes, who is on a death row at San Quentin for murdering a Californian Sheriff’s deputy and detective in 2014, entre the U.S. and allowing the undocumented immigrant to stay in the country.

According to some of the federal documents Lui Barcamontes was first expelled during the Clinton administration and later brought back into the U.S by the George W. Bush administration. The rifle used by Lui Barcamontes was AR-15 assault style to kill the California officers. The same rifle was recently used by a gunman who killed 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue last week. Donald Trump and the Republicans denied making the illegal.

Earlier Lui Barcamontes entered the U.S. legally in the year 1993 and was deported in the year 1997 after a drug sentence. A year later he came back and was again arrested in a drug abuse case in Phoenix, but was again released on some unknown reasons. In 2014 he killed the deputy and detective.

The video thus shared by the President Donald Trump caused ripples in the members of the migrant caravan seeking refuge in the U.S. from Central America. The President has called them several names like “invaders” and also went on record saying that Middle Eastern terrorists are among those travelling north. However a senior official from the trump administration informed about the lack of evidence for the statement made by the President.

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