Coronavirus News Live Updates – More than 1,077,983+ dead report says


Covid-19 Live Updates : On 14th April 2020 the total death was 125000+ But now according to Storify News report, it has been reached at more than 160000+ killed by Coronavirus Globally by 19th April 2020. United State of America is the biggest Hotspot in the death history from Coronavirus till now and still it is not stopping. Total cases is 738,913 in US and 21+ new cases are coming in US till 18th April end.

More than 130000k+ are dead from Coronavirus in USA, 25K+ in Italy, 25k+ in France till 1st July 2020.

On 10th may 2020 it reached more than 80k+ in US.

The Total deaths rises up almost 180000 till 22nd April 2020. and on 26th April the death reached more than 203000+.

The deaths in US, Today (6th July 2020) it was 132,571+ in US and cases – 2,983,142

Death reached 219,282 on 11th April in USA.

Total death is reached at 1,077,983+ on 11th Oct 2020.

Total death in India is 108,371 on 11th Oct 2020.

Once again Wuhan is also on rise in new cases of Covid-19. Donald Trump said that China is responsible for this and they will pay for this.

Spain in on 2nd number in terms of deaths with more than 21500+ deaths till now. The situation is very bad in European countries. Spain, Italy, France and many more countries are facing the biggest problem.

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Donald Trump warns China of consequences if found responsible for Covid-19

Coronavirus update: Death toll crosses 500 in India, Covid-19 cases rise to 15,712

Erric Ravi
Erric Ravi
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