Dc event attended by Brett Kabanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford


Supreme court has given justice to Brett Kabanaugh on Thursday night. In Washington, one event people have greeted with ‘Impeach Kavanaugh’.

In this annual Federalist Society gala, Kavanaugh was a featured speaker, and he had public harassment against a conservative in past years.

While playing the screen of Ford’s testimony, Kavanaugh got accused by the sexual assault with teenagers.  For this teenagers demand justices and this has come to Washington news.

From October 2018 this case started and from that time he denies this allegation, which is confirmed by the Supreme Court.

After that, Brett Kavanaugh thinks that in one-year public will forget everything about his sham and he can continue his work. The Demand Justice executive director Brial Fallon says, “The more public will know about this, more damage will be his image”.

In Thursday, speaking time was the first time where he confirmed in front of the group about this matter, and this has got posted.

He also spoke with the supportive crowd and make understand about 2000 plus members.

He told, he has signed up for correct thing, and this will be processed soon. Now, this is the time to do this, this is not early, so whoever wants to support him they can help.

He also added that he is very much optimistic about America’s future and its independency.

Federalist Society’s executive vice president Leonard Leo said that Kavanaugh was teaching a lesson to the audience regarding the persistence of the face of adversity.


In this era, if you are following certain principal, then you will get attack, and you need to have the courage to face that. It has published in USA news.

Other conservatives are also targeted in few years like Mitch McConnell, the leader of Senate Majority, Srah Sanders, the secretary of White House press and much more.

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