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Debunking the Myths Related To ERP

Are you eager to implement ERP for manufacturing or any other business? The good news is that you can find a wealth of knowledge related to ERP. However, the problem is that many myths also emerged in recent years.

Most of the businesses become apprehensive because of these myths, and this hampers their growth in the long run. There is a dire need to debunk these myths, and this is what we will do here.

Once you get the logical justification for these myths, then you will not be apprehensive to implement ERP for Manufacturing business.

Uncovering The Myths Related To ERP

Myth 1: Small businesses need different ERP systems

When we talk about an ideal world, then it is a single corporate-wide enterprise resource planning software that can support all of the business units, back-office functions no matter where the office location.

However, the real world scenario is disappointing. What generally happens is that companies get littered with multiple ERP softwares. The worst part is that the ERP software is specific to business function or location.  There are times when a company has different versions of ERP to suit different functions.

It is crucial to debunk the myth that small business units need different ERPs. When you are about to implement an ERP for your business, then you need to have a clear perception in your mind, and that is the modern enterprise resource planning software is versatile.

The vendors make use of the best industry practices to come up with the best enterprise resource planning software. These ERPs can address a broad spectrum of requirements.

When you evaluate an ERP, then you should assess the merits of the one-size fits all approach instead of considering different ERPs for different business groups.

Myth 2:  Considering ERP an IT system only

There is another misconception in the minds of people who run a manufacturing business or any other business. They believe that an ERP is an IT system, and it belongs in the IT department.

Now, the setback of this misconception is that the focus shifts from value and thus business owners get more focused on cost management. What businesses need to understand is that and ERP is a business asset. The owners must know that, and ERP needs input and ownership.

It is vital that the best people in a company should run the ERP project.

Myth 3: ERP is sufficient to address enterprise resource planning

Now, there is another myth related to an ERP. People believe that an ERP facilitates enterprise resource planning. It seems that the myth arose from the name of this software. What you need to keep in mind is that the ERP vendors have been able to strengthen the core product with time.

Well, this is why the leading ERP vendors also provide business intelligence and customer relationship management. However, you may require other types of software along with the ERP to address all the requirements of your business.

Do not let these myths misguide you, and evaluate your ERP solution with a realistic point of view.

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