Dragon Age 4 Release Date, Cast, And Everything Else


Dragon Age 4 : BioWare has received quite a well reputation for developing high end, polished RPGs where character relationship and player choice is given more importance as the story of game progresses. However, the Canadian game company has received equal amount of criticism in the recent years from both the fans as well as critics regarding the quality of games coming out from their studios.

The criticism can be related to the shaky release of their project Mass Effect: Andromeda in 2017. The game felt rushed and not properly finished at first. It even had bugs and weird character animations making it worse for the players. However, the company has reworked on the game ever since and has resolved the issues raised by everyone making it smoother than before.

The Dragon Age series has not faced the same issue as Mass Effect, with the Dragon Age: Inquisition being well-received by the fans as well as critics. However, BioWare’s plan to switch to a live game model starting from Anthem has made gamers sceptical about the next release of Dragon Age. The players really dig the original single-player experience the earlier versions of the game used to have.

Dragon Age 4 Release Date

A number of things that are going around are pointing in a direction of a Dragon Age sequel. The events such as Alexis Kennedy, Sunless Sea creator, signing as a writer for a project for BioWare. Also, an anonymous BioWare employee going to IGN Greece for discussing the voiceover on an upcoming project. BioWare’s General Manager Casey Hudson has even mentioned on her blog about some secret Dragon Age stuff.

All these events, as well as the fact that Casey is going to make an appearance at the Video Game Awards on 6th December to reveal more about Anthem has got the fans on their nerves. Everyone is expecting a Dragon Age announcement during the awards. Also, with all the news that a new Dragon Age project is in works and speculations that it may be released in 2020, the rumour that something will be announced at the Video Game Awards isn’t so far fetched.

A new game plan for Dragon Age 4?

Dragon Age is famous for its polished RPG action controls and the outstanding mechanics where a player is free to control the characters and their party. All this using various abilities and spells to kick some ass. According to the feedback, BioWare is focusing on what made their games popular in the first place – game’s story and the player choices.

Further, adding and taking the romance options more forward will create new possibilities to form connections with your party members. This approach might lead to unique interactions all while creating an immersive gameplay experience.


BioWare may have been wrong about reading their audience’s perception. But they seem to change it with the launch of Anthem, which may help them to build trust and positivity around their players. Post Anthem, the studio is planning to release Dragon Age 4 for all the fans who are patiently waiting for it.

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