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Education Beyond Boundaries – MLSI, The School For All-round Development

Today’s education isn’t all about just theoretical knowledge. It’s about opening a whole new world for the child to look beyond the ordinary and explore new, uncharted territories that let them discover new things, and become passionate about them. Beyond Boundaries is a reflection of MLSI’s philosophy. It is about going beyond the usual teaching norms and giving a child the freedom to chase their passion through different experiential and practical modules.

In the rat race to score a cent percent, the essence of learning was lost somewhere. MLSI understands what every child aspires to be and makes them a part of society as a whole.

Clubs and Extracurricular activities: Studies have shown that the students engaged in extracurricular activities perform better in academics as well. This is why MLSI engages the students in all sports and creative activities through after-school programmes.

These programs provide an opportunity for the students to engage in different activities and explore what works interests them. Knowing what they see their life in, they will have the will and potential to excel in activities of their choice. Students may choose from a range of sports and artistic pursuits.

The school ensures that they are trained by professional coaches and instructors who ensure that students develop understanding in the field they are interested in and excel in their chosen field. The school has mandatory club activities for students twice a week. With this focused approach, the students are exposed to enriched lifestyle and ample activities to freshen up their minds.

In this, creative arts include Kathak, Digital Art, Lego, Robotics, Pottery, Ballet, Music, etc. In the sphere of sports, the students have an option to choose from Basketball, Squash, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cricket, Martial Arts, Mini Tennis, Taekwondo etc.

Arts: Visual and performing arts play an important role in the grooming up of the child. The school has a dance studio and preview theatre that offers students a platform to bring forward their talent. While the music and art rooms are large spaces that encourage students to explore their artistic sides.

Visual and Digital art makes it possible for students to express themselves through the medium of dance, music, creative arts etc. The students are motivated by the teachers, the teacher also works towards exploring their creative side. The dedicated faculty themselves to developing their skills and motivating them to raise the bar for the next piece of work.

Community Outreach: Education is all about giving back to society.

The school prepares the students to work towards creating a sustainable environment which will benefit them in the future. The students are motivated to be active members of social causes and communities that take care of specially abled, old and people in need.

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