Elections 2019 – BJP Registers A Colossal Win While Congress Struggles To Survive


India, the largest democracy of the world, has just witnessed the results of the 2019 elections. Shockingly or not, people of India has elected Narendra Modi yet again for the elite position of Prime Minister. However, the thing that raises eyebrows is not that Modi won again, it is when you see the margin of this party’s win that you will understand how big a victory it is. Even though the BJP-NDA alliance together forms the government, BJP alone got more than 300 seats where the alliance got 350+ seats. The number is huge when compared with what the opposition has secured.

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Indian National Congress (INC), led by Rahul Gandhi were brutally defeated by the BJP on all grounds. Although the party did claim victory in few of the states, there were many states where Congress was completely wiped out by the pro-Hindu party BJP. Back in 2014, Congress was defeated the same way they are now, the difference, however, is when you look at the criticism faced by the Modi-led government during its last five years of tenure. Despite facing disapproval and mockery from all corners, it is surprising to see the same party coming back to power with such a massive mandate.

After the victory, Modi responded to the thousands of supporters on Thursday that this victory is not his but a victory of the honest citizen of this country. Messages from big leader started flowing in from around the world starting with Donald Trump who quickly tweeted, I look forward to continuing our important work together.

Narendra Modi came into the power in 2014 with a massive support from the people, the likes of which weren’t seen from the past 30 years. We saw the same (or even bigger!) results yesterday and that, is enough to say what India wants now. A true leader.

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