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EU Might Consider Longer Transition Period

The prime minister told this was a new idea that had appeared in agreements and was not expected to be used. The UK leaves the EU in March, and the contemporary plan is for a transition period to finish at the end of 2020. Some Tory MPs and Brexit campaigners are furious at the idea of the UK being tied to EU rules for much more time.

From sources, it has been confirmed that there would have to be financial suggestions if the UK did extend the transition period. It comes after a summit of EU leaders in Brussels failed to make certain progress in reaching an agreement.

Mrs. May spoke to her 27 European counterparts on Wednesday evening, asking them to negotiate and end the current Brexit standoff. Speaking on Thursday morning, Mrs. Theresa May said that the UK had already put forward a proposal to circumvent the need for a return to Northern Ireland border posts or a customs border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. The UK has enlisted to the principle of agreeing on an Irish border “backstop” – an insurance policy which was designed to prevent the need for customs checks in case there is a delay between the transition periods and also for the future permanent relationships coming into effect.

Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington told that the cost of expanding the transition period would have to be obtained during the negotiations itself. Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar also told that a longer transition period was not a substitute for a concrete agreement over the backstop. But he said the idea would have some merit, saying that “if it helped to encourage the people that the backstop would never be activated, and that would be a positive thing to be notified.”

Due to negotiations of Brexit, the UK will leave the EU on 29 March 2019. This transition period also called the implementation period(by Mrs. Theresa May) was designed to smooth the path to a future permanent relationship. This now lies with EU to consider.

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