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Explosives Found at Obama’s and Clinton’s House

Recently, George Soros, a billionaire philanthropist received a mailbox containing a device which was suspected to be explosive. And just two days after two similar mailboxes were found at the former president Barack Obama and near to Bill and Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua, New York. The CNN was also evacuated on Wednesday for security purposes on threats of a possible explosive.

Although the sender and the items found are not known completely, but investigations are going on to know the real hands behind these suspicious activities. It was Tuesday night when the mail was found near the Clintons’ property, and on Wednesday morning, same was found at Barack and Michelle Obama’s house. And the evacuation happened the very next moment. ABC News, however, stated that law enforcement had claimed it to be a suspicious explosive, but because of the term suspicious; the matter is yet not cleared. It was the New York Times that figured out that one similar box was found at the Sero’s house as well.

The news is that the device was made using a 6 inches long pipe which was filled with explosives powders and was skillfully very ‘well’ prepared by some bomb techies. It was highly dangerous!

Sarah Sanders, the press secretary of the white house, tweeted through her twitter handle @abbydphillip on 24 Oct by 7 PM that the Trump administration is not involved in the case through any means. She also declares such actions as an act of terrorism and despicable. Although it led to a lot of retweets later all replying that it was too late for any justifications, and they even claimed that their ‘Boss’ must not say lies. Sarah said that legal actions would be taken against the real hands behind the scene. These allegations are made to the Trump administration because till now nobody knew if the relations existed or not, but Sarah cleared a lot through her views.

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