Further Bird Flu Cases Detected in Berlin at Lake Tegel


After the initial confirmation of the bird flu virus in a swan in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg in February, it has now been found in three dead gulls in Reinickendorf. The local district office and the Senate Department for Consumer Protection made the announcement on Wednesday. As a precautionary measure, the keeping of poultry in stables and covered aviaries within a radius of up to one kilometer around the discovery site in the area of the Greenwich Promenade at Lake Tegel is ordered.

Protect Poultry from Wild Birds

The authorities advised all poultry keepers to protect their animals from contact with wild birds. Anyone who finds dead waterfowl, ravens or birds of prey should report it to the district’s veterinary office to initiate an investigation. It is important not to touch sick or dead animals or collect feathers under any circumstances.

WHO Warns of Bird Flu Spread Among Humans

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Wednesday that as bird flu spreads, the risk of it spreading among humans also increases. Sylvie Briand, Director of WHO’s Department for Infectious Disease Preparedness, said in Geneva that “this is not a cause for panic,” but added that “we need to assess how well prepared we are.”

Bird Flu Spread Across Continents

Bird flu is currently spreading on an unprecedented scale, with the exception of Australia and Antarctica. Evidence of the disease has been found on all continents. Many millions of animals, especially seabirds, have already died. The virus has also been discovered in around 30 mammal species, infecting and killing minks, foxes, raccoons, martens, bears, and other animals.

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