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Future Trends in Employee Benefits 2019

The year 2018 had been a plethora of opportunities for the employees and employers. The coming year hold no less opportunities. It is guaranteed that the number of people employed will be more than the previous year.

To ensure that the best talent is hired, the employers have to move a step forward than a mere employee recognition program. Here are some of the ways how the trends have revamped this year.

Flexibility: With organizations growing, talent and accountability precede over the physical presence or office hours. To offer a perfect work-life balance, employers grant their employees the flexibility of working hours and schedule, periodic telecommuting, fully-remote positions, or open-ended time off. It empowers employees and gives them the confidence of a secure job. It is also beneficial for the business as the employee takes complete ownership as and when the work demands.

Voluntary Benefits: It is known that the cost of emergencies falls on the employee solely. However, 2019 seems to be different. Organizations are ready to chip in a share of what the employee faces while their tenor with the company. It is an initiative to make the employees feel protected from any unwanted critical illness or disability.

Technology Perks: Organizations are investing in resources on technological advancements. Apart from upscaling the existing workspace, the organizations also invest in upgrading the employee’s in-house platform. It includes giving them personal iPads or advanced at-home workstations that help them deliver the same results as in the office.

Multi-faceted Wellness Programs: The traditional wellness programs are generally irregular and fail to cater to complete wellness of the employee. This year, the corporate sector plans to go a step further. Several organisations intend to offer genetic testing and fertility treatments. By covering tests that detect IVF and similar such problems, companies are now positioning themselves as “family friendly.”

Facilitating Savings: Employees are generally stuck in the cycle of loan or rent payment, or household expenses. The savings for their retirement is almost nil. Educating and encouraging the employee to save a portion of their salary is a great deal of help from the organization’s side. Such employee benefits make the employee’s future secure and make them confident for a stable future.

Tax-free Meal Benefits: Most employee benefits in India are exempted from tax; like meal benefits. Several companies have resolved to provide food benefits to their employees in the form of Sodexo Meal Pass. The employer can pay a portion of salary as meal allowance in the form of Sodexo Meal Card. Sharing the load helps to keep employees motivated and gives them the assurance of care. These cards help save taxes up to Rs. 12,000/- along with Sodexo-exclusive offers and help increase the purchasing power of employees.

The biggest asset one can derive out of an organization is by clearly communicating their requirements through the management. The ease of access is undoubtedly a reward for every employee. 

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