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Google Returns to IIT-Delhi for Placements After 2 Years

Final placements at IIT-Delhi receive a boost as Google readies to be a part of the process after a break of 2 years. Apart from the national capital, the technology giant will be visiting IITs across Kharagpur, Mumbai, Chennai, Kanpur, Roorkee, BHU, and Guwahati. Here is a list of the IIT-Delhi alumni that raised the global level of the institute:

Deepinder Goyal

Originally from Punjab, he graduated with a mathematics and computing degree in 2005. Before he became the founder and CEO of Zomato, Goyal used to work at Bain and Co as a consultant. His tenure at the company taught him the need of an online service that can make food more accessible to the corporate professionals across the country. Since the inception of the food giant in 2008, the company has made millions in profit and is known for its witty marketing campaigns.

Sachin Bansal

Better known as Mr Flipkart, Sachin became an IIT-Delhi alumni in 2005. Along with his batch mate Binny Bansal, he founded Flipkart in October 2007. What started out as a platform to buy books, has today become one of the largest e-commerce website for Indians with products ranging from baby care to mobile phones. Although he is not associated with the startup anymore, he will always be remembered as the founder of the company.

Rajat Khare

Coming to the less media-famous personalities, Khare graduated with a degree in Computer Science Engineering. He has been known to invest in startups associated with future technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithmic trading, and others through his company Boundary Holding.

His entrepreneurship skills have earned him the spot of a speaker in more than 20 conferences and events globally. In addition to that, his work as an entrepreneur has also been cited in the entrepreneurship course of INSEAD Business School.

Shashank Kumar

A textile engineering graduate of the 2008 batch, Kumar is the founder of Green Agrevolution and FarmsnFarmers. Ever since he finished his education, he has been working towards the betterment of the country’s agriculture sector. With the integration of technology and machinery, Kumar aims to improve efficiency and promote a transparent structure across the value chain. Consequently, output can be maximized, which would further increase the farmer benefits.

With their respective success and collective growth, countless more IIT-Delhi alumni continue to be the flagbearers of the institute’s efforts towards enhancing the academic as well as co-curricular personality of its students. Read More News at Storify News

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