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Gotham Season 5 : A tale of Batman’s Super villains

Bruno Heller, the creator of the Gotham series, had earlier been hesitant in keeping Bruce Wayne a major part of the series. The focus of the story was on the younger days of Commissioner James Gordon when he had joined as a detective. Now, four seasons have passed and another being telecast as we speak, the series has built on Gordon, included Bruce Wayne (Batman) as a major part of the story, and introduced infamous villains from the franchise.

The series started with young Gordon taking the case of the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, an integral part of any Batman-related works and that of the Caped Crusader’s origin. This was the show’s premise that how Gordon, an angry young detective, would solve the high-profile murder being part of a corrupt police force and a crime-infested city. However, the show became much more.

The initial episodes included villains like Edward Nigma (the Riddler), the Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot) and Carmine Falcone.

It was a treat for the fans of Dark Knight to see the origin of their favorite villains, and it seemed to have worked. The series gradually started including other known villains from the Batman franchise and retold the stories of how they became what we had read. The show had the teenage Catgirl (Selina Kyle), murderous and insane Victor Zsasz, the honest Harvey Dent (who would go on to become Two-Face), the intelligent Lucius Fox, and father-figure and butler Alfred Pennyworth. The series further included a new villain Fish Mooney for whom the Penguin worked, before he became the mob boss.

Later in the series, head of League of Assassins Ra’s al Ghul was introduced. The penultimate season saw the making of immortal Solomon Grundy. Other villains that became a part of the series, include Joker (Jerome Valeska), Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter (Jervis Tetch), Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane), among many others.

Further, against the series’ creator earlier thoughts, the show reprised Bruce Wayne and gave us in the form of a series, the origin of the Caped Crusader. He became an integral part who struggles to find the ones behind the murders of his parent inadvertently falling in the path to cleanse the city of crime and hence, donning the garb of Batman. In fact, season 4 had Bruce dressing as a masked vigilante (still not Batman) who starts to fight crime.

The latest season is dubbed the Legend of the Dark Knight and promises to show the arrival of Batman. This would mark a good ending of the series that has shown us the origins of the tale we have loved and cherished since our childhood.

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